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Fulmars, a type of seabird, vomit a putrid fishy oil on their assailants in self-defense. Not only does it smell horrific, but it's lethal to predatory birds because it permanently glues their feathers together.

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Larks signal to predatory birds that they should stop trying to catch them by singing during the chase, signalling that they're way too fit to be worthwhile prey.

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  1. Natural enemies of nightingale are rats, foxes, cats, lizards, snakes and large predatory birds.

  2. Some of the worst enemies of iguana are predatory birds. Iguana often freezes on the sound of hawk's whistle and unfortunately becomes even easier prey for catching.

  3. Fieldfares (Turdus Pilaris) dive bomb predators en masse, by defacating on them. Some predatory birds can become so covered in excrement that they cannot fly.

  4. Birds use a 'pulley system of tendons' to mechanically lock their claws/foot around objects. This is why they can be perched on one leg only while sleeping, and also how some species of predatory birds are able to kill/hold their prey mid-air.

  5. There is such a thing as a raptor rehabilitator. They specialize in helping sick or injured predatory birds.

  6. Fieldfares defend their nests from predatory birds by defecating on the predator. Their poop ruins the predator's feathers and can be fatal.

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