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Under Director J. Edgar Hoover, FBI agents were directed to seize all pornographic materials uncovered in their investigations and forward them to Hoover personally. He reportedly used them for his own titillation and as blackmail.

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The Confederate army had a big problem with orgies, male prostitutes, and soldier's wives pretending to be new recruits to sleep with their husbands. Oddly, however, pornographic material has only been found on Union troops.

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  1. The person who petitioned for the construction of the Sydney Opera House, Eugene Goossens, was detained at an airport. The customs officials then found a large collection of pornographic material in his bag. Eugene was then fined ₤100, and returned to England with his reputation ruined.

  2. Larry Flynt offered Kenneth Starr a job saying "After reading your report I am impressed by the salacious and voyeuristic nature of your work. The quality and quantity of material assembled in the report contains more pornographic references than provided by Hustler Online services this month."

  3. The Defense Department had various proposals to remove Fidel Castro from power, including airdropping one-way airline tickets and distributing fake pornographic material of an obese Castro with two beautiful women in an opulent setting and the caption, "My ration is bigger than yours."

  4. Pornographic material can diminish working memory.

  5. A 24-year-old IT analyst managed to and was arrested for hacking into a public billboard and streaming a Japanese porn film which shocked motorists in Jakarta, Indonesia where access to online pornographic material is blocked

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