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Miami Beach has banned beachfront hotels from giving out plastic straws

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The USA throws away the equivalent of 125 school busses full of plastic drinking straws on a daily basis.

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  1. Cigarette butts, not plastic straws, are the worst contaminants of oceans

  2. Drinking straws, snack containers, and car bumpers are made from polypropylene.

  3. In Central and South America, if you buy Coca-Cola and do not give the vendor an empty glass bottle, it will be poured into a plastic bag with a straw. To prevent loss of brand recognition, Coca-Cola provides the vendors with plastic bags in the shape of its glass bottle, complete with logo.

  4. There's a plastic straw designed to let you drink clean water from impure sources, e.g. in areas without water infrastructure

  5. Americans use more than 500 MILLION plastic straws daily and <10% of single-use plastics get recycled. Sea turtles and marine life mistake floating plastic for food and, if they eat it, only have a 50% chance of survival. But if the U.S. bans the straw the potential impact is significant.

  6. Bacardi is turning plastic straws into vinyl record albums.

  7. Americans use 500 million straws daily and because of the small and lightweight, straws often never make it into recycling bins. Instead, they end up in the oceans. Straws are the latest on an expanding list of individual plastic products being banned, taxed, or boycotted.

  8. McDonald's new paper straws are not recyclable, whereas the plastic ones they replaced were

  9. Modern era (1800's - present day) straws were originally made from rye grass which negatively affected the taste of the drink. They were then made from paper, before finally being made from plastic. Americans alone use 500 million straws daily, many of which are not recycled.

  10. A metal straw is not only helpful for the environment by reducing waste from plastic straws but it can also be used as a weapon to defend yourself

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"Plastic straw" spikes less than a week after "enviorment"

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The '500 million straws a day' statistic being used to promote a ban is based on a 9 year olds phone survey 7 years ago, and straws are only 0.03% of the plastic in the ocean. It's mostly fishing nets and plastic bottles.

Seattle became the first major city to (finally) ban plastic straws. - source

Plastic straws are not recycled and each day more than 500 million plastic straws are used and discarded in the U.S. alone! - source

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