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Stephen Hawking spent his final days attempting to solve the parallel universe mystery and updated his paper just ten days before his death

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There is a conspiracy theory that we are living in a parallel universe due to the spelling of the children's books The Berenstain Bears

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  1. There is a theory known as the "Mandela Effect" which states we might be living in parallel universes due to many people having the same 'false memories' of past events that did or did not happen.

  2. The "Berenstain Bears theory", in which people believe that they have switched over to a parallel universe because they explicitly remember "Berenstain" spelled as "Berenstein"

  3. Enough people are so certain that the "Berenstain Bears" were once spelled "Berenstein" that it has sparked a theory that they're from a parallel universe.

  4. There is a region called the Eridanus Supervoid which is a cold spot ~5 degrees above absolute zero and has been theorized to be an imprint of a parallel universe.

  5. In 1903 he received a PhD for his dissertation in interference phenomena in plane-parallel plates and from 1903 to 1905 he studied at the University of Gottingen.

  6. In 2009 a man under the pseudonym James Richards claimed to have been taken to a parallel universe in which The Beatles were still together and brought back an unreleased album on cassette

  7. He has written several books for the general audience including, Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes, Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension in 1994 and Physics of the Future: How Science will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100.

  8. Talespin is a weird parallel universe story to the Junglebook

  9. There is a Doctor Who comic where the Doctor goes to an parallel universe where his adventures are on a show and scripted and called "Doctor Who"

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Why was the paraguayan war fought?

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Someone using the pen name "James Richards" claims to have gone to a parallel universe where ketchup is purple and where The Beatles never broke up. James also claims to have taken a cassette tape titled "Everyday Chemistry", a Beatles album never released in our universe.

Hugh Everetts (the guy who gave the many world theory and believed in quantum immortality) daughter committed suicide so that she could end up in the "correct parallel universe" to meet her father. - source

The Berenstain/Berenstein Bears conspiracy theory. The theory states that most people remember the name of the popular children's book pronounced Berenstein, but is now somehow Berenstain, thus confirming the existence of parallel universes. - source

The Belgium is so divided by language that there are parallel, Dutch- or French-speaking political parties, newspapers, TV stations, libraries, schools, universities, and government meetings. Only the national debt is national.

The "evil twin" trope originates from a 1967 Star Trek episode 'Mirror, Mirror' where Spock was swiped with an evil counterpart from a parallel universe - source

What happens when parallel universes collide?

The Berenstain Bears Mandela effect where the name is incorrectly remembered as “Berenstein Bears” which some attribute to time travel and parallel universes

Parallel universes and how to change reality?

The Berenstein Bears are actually The Berenstain Bears, and there are people so convinced that it used to be "Berenstein" that they think it is proof of a parallel universe.

People remembering details differently, like how to spell the Berenst#in Bears, is the basis for the Mandela Effect as proof of people crossing between parallel universes

The Berenstain Bears parallel universe theory. Many people remember remember the spelling as "Berenstein," and some are convinced that this change is proof of a parallel universe.

Mini Black Holes Could Prove Existence Of Parallel Universes

How the ancient Chinese came up with the Yin Yang symbol. It started off with a series of diagrams with numbers and shapes in order to explain the universe, which they believed, acts like an organism paralleling the human body...

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Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey) played the next door neighbor on the parallel universe UK remake of Married with Children

Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek swapped shows in 1997 for April Fools Day, with Trebek hosting Wheel of Fortune and Sajak hosting Jeopardy! It's like watching a parallel universe

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was originally titled ‘Starlight’ which now sounds like it’s from a parallel universe

The Mandela Effect. Millions of people swear that the Berenstain Bears book used to be spelled "Berenstein Bears", and that the fact they are not is evidence of parallel universes

There is a cold spot in the universe where we might have collided with a parallel universe

How to travel between parallel universes?

Quantum computers compute numerous possibilities simultaneously in parallel universes

Quantum Computers compute in Parallel Universes

Super Mario 64 can be beaten in 4:20 by making Mario jump through "parallel universes" at a speed of negative 3 million.

A Californian man claims to have been knocked unconscious in 2009 and been taken to another parallel universe, in which the Beatles never broke up. He managed to steal a cassette tape of an "unreleased" album which he has freely available on his website. Funny stuff.

There is a conspiracy theory on parallel universes regarding the Bernstein bears. The bears were called the “BerenstEin Bears” when we were growing up, but now reality has been altered such that the name of the bears has been changed to BerenstAin bears

About the conspiracy theory that "The Berstain Bears" help prove a parallel universe merger.

Quantum Bogo sort, which uses the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics, creates parallel universes of O(n!) size through array randomization. Then it sees if the array in sorted, and in doing so, destroys it if it's not sorted.

In July 1954, a caucasian man arrived at the Tokyo airport with a seemingly genuine passport from country called "Taured". As that country does not exist, Police locked him in a high security room and he vanished. Experts think that he came from another universe or a parallel dimension.

Scientists in Tennessee are trying to open a portal to a parallel universe

The 'Berenstein' Bears have always been the 'Berenstain' Bears, a spelling difference so surprising to most it has been used to discuss parallel universe and time travel theories, and is an example of the "Mandela Effect"

Kcymaerxthaere, a parallel universe memorialized by historic sites throughout the world.

Go has 10^170 board positions while there's only 10^80 atoms in the universe. If there were as many parallel universes as there are atoms, then the total number of atoms in all those universes combined would be close to the possibilities on a single Go board.

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