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A British naval doctor figured out how to "treat" scurvy with lemons and oranges, he then published his findings which were well received. The British navy continued to supply sailors with less effective lime juice and scurvy continued as a major cause of death for a century.

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Astronaut John Young got really bad flatulence from drinking orange juice during the Apollo 16 mission to the moon. Unknowingly, he broadcast this fact to the world. "I have the farts again. I got them again, Charlie."

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  1. Major orange juice producers add chemical fragrances called "flavor packs" to their juice to provide the signature taste of their brand because OJ loses its flavor during pasteurization and de-oxygenation.

  2. Why toothpaste makes orange juice awful. A common detergent/surfactant called sodium lauryl sulphate in toothpaste both suppresses sweet receptors, and destroys phospholipids in your mouth which inhibit your bitter receptors. So it employs a double-whammy impact to your taste buds!

  3. Orange juice loses all of it's flavor during the de-oxyginaztion process, what allows the juice to keep in vats for up to a year. Juice company's hire the manufactures of such perfumes as CK and Dior to make "flavor packs" to make the flavorless liquid taste like juice again.

  4. Not from concentrate" orange juice is processed by stripping the oxygen from it that removes flavor compounds, so a flavor pack is added that differs by region based on preferences for sweetness and acidity. The FDA doesn't require the pack's contents to be labeled.

  5. The 90's POG phase was started in Hawaii from the lids of POG (Passionfruit Orange Guava) juice

  6. In 2008 Tropicana changed its logo from an orange with a straw in it to a glass of orange juice. Their sales dropped 20% in one month so they went back to the original.

  7. Guinness stout has fewer calories than skim milk, orange juice, and many popular beers

  8. Brazilian Orange Juice companies now own a majority of Florida's OJ production facilities and over 50% of the juice from Florida-labeled brands sold in stores is actually concentrate from Brazil.

  9. The Orange Julius grew out of an orange juice stand opened in Los Angeles in 1926 by Julius Freed. People began lining up at the store and shouting, "Give me an Orange, Julius!" Eventually, the new drink would simply be called "the Orange Julius".

  10. Andrew Jackson slept in a hotel the night of his inauguration because 20,000 people were turning up in the White House. His aides tried to lure the mob outside with washtubs filled orange juice and whiskey.

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There is a bottled water company in Australia which extracts 100% of its water from fruits - by pressing apples and oranges and then separating the juice from the H2O

100% orange juice that you buy in the grocery store is highly processed and up to a year old before it’s purchased by the consumer - source

Despite being high in carbohydrates, moderate orange juice consumption can actually help prevent diabetes and insulin resistance. It helps to reduce inflammation, and protects against atherosclerosis.

Fruit contains 4 times more vitamin C than orange. Marula can be consumed fresh or in the form of juices, jellies and jams. It is also used for the manufacture of alcoholic drinks and tea.

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Orange juice is beneficial to the immune system. The vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, repairs cells, helps in the growth of new body tissues, and boosts the immune function to fight of disease and free radical damage.

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Humans have been eating oranges for thousands of years. It is believed they originated in Asia, with records of the fruit dating to at least 4,500 years ago in China.

Other foods often taken on long sea voyages to prevent scurvy included sour kraut, lemon juice, and oranges.

You shouldn't drink grapefruit juice, or eat grapefruits or Seville oranges if you are taking certain drugs - including some anti-cancer drugs, statins, anti-depressants and more - because the juice can inhibit the activity of a key enzyme which regulates drug levels in the body.

Chaya is often used for the preparation of lasagnas, pizzas, tortillas or dishes made of rice, beans and eggs. Large leaves are used for wrapping of food. Small quantities of raw chaya are not harmful for humans. Drink made of raw, blended leaves of chaya mixed with pineapple and orange juice is often consumed in Mexico.

Coca-Cola manufactures Simply Orange juice with a complicated process including a 600 flavor algorithm, juice pipeline, and satellite photography to create consistency throughout the year.

When can babies have orange juice?

One cup of fresh orange juice has 124 mg of vitamin C. This is 200% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for an adult.

The folate contained in orange juice helps to stimulate new cell growth and it aids in DNA creation. Folate is extremely important for pregnant women, as it helps to ensure the development of a healthy baby.

Although there are a variety of orange varieties, the sweet orange is the most popular. Other varieties include the blood orange, bitter orange, and mandarin oranges.

Orange juice contains vitamin A which is another antioxidant. Vitamin A increases kidney function, and improves eye health, and night vision. One cup of orange juice contains 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

Toilet wine is fermented fruit juice made from moldy bread, oranges, a ton of sugar; kept warm in showers with convicts; and then strained through a used sock.

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Dr. Willem Johan Kolff invented the first artificial kidney using orange-juice cans, used auto parts, and sausage casings. The original device, which filled an entire room and resembled an oversized hot tub, was the prototype for the contemporary hemodialysis machine.

Orange juice also contains vitamin A, protein, magnesium, hesperidin, and flavonoids.

Acid rain has the same approximate pH as vinegar and orange juice.

Some other foods also have a good amount of calcium, especially calcium fortified foods. These include calcium-fortified orange juice, tofu with calcium, collard greens, white beans, almonds, bok choy, rhubarb, red beans, and broccoli.

Orange Juice was originally produced because of excess citrus trees that would otherwise be destroyed

The antioxidant hesperidin contained in orange juice is known to reduce the growth of tumors, and to aid in apoptosis. Apoptosis is the process in which cancer cells are killed off by programmed cell death.

Antioxidants help to prevent cancer. The high level of antioxidants in orange juice means that it can help in the prevention of several cancers.

Florida oranges are better for juicing and California oranges are better for eating.

There are 20.83 grams of natural sugar in one cup of fresh orange juice. For this reason it is important to drink enough orange juice but not too much as it is high in carbohydrates which can increase blood sugar levels.

Muktuk (whale skin and blubber) have as much Vitamin C as a glass of orange juice (which explains how the inuit don't get scurvy)

Pogs got their name from being under the caps of Passion Orange Guava juice and that the rarest/most valuable pogs were the No Fear prints.

Florida produces approximately 40% of the world's orange juice.

Costa Rica Let a Juice Company Dump Their Orange Peels in the Forest—and It Helped.

A bottle of orange juice can cost $26+ in some parts of Canada!

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