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Australia's biggest online retailer implemented an "Internet Explorer 7 tax", charging 10% extra for customers visiting the website using Internet Explorer 7. The tax goes up 0.1% for every month since the antiquated browser's release.

French phone customers have had the ability to online chat, make retail purchases, and play games since 1980 thanks to Minitel technology

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  1. Some online retailers manipulate prices based on the visitor. Having a cookie history of luxury shopping could significantly raise the price.

  2. In 2010 a game retailer added a 'mortal soul clause" to every online purchase that gives the company the rights to the buyers soul-- resulting in the legal transfer of 7,500 souls to the company.

  3. Australia's "Plain Packaging Law", which banned all logos and brands from tobacco products in December 2012, also applies to online tobacco retailers.

  4. 7500 people sold their souls by accepting terms and conditions of the online video game retailer GameStation

  5. 11/11, a Chinese holiday also known as "Single's Day" and invented in the early 90s as a sort of opposition to Valentine's Day, has become the "largest online shopping day in the world" due, in part, to marketing efforts by online retailer Ali Baba

  6. Radio Shack still exists in the US, not only as an online store, but also having hundreds of physical retail locations, including Radio Shack Express shops inside HobbyTown stores.

  7. After a mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, UK-based online retailer Celeb Boutique tweeted out, "#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;)" with a link to the dress.

  8. Online retailers specially tailor their marketing strategies to attract drunk shoppers

  9. Target's online retail portal has an adult sexual health section where they sell adult toys and "furniture"

  10. Montgomery Ward is still open as an online shopping retailer.

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Parents of an Aurora movie theater shooting victim had to pay the online ammo retailer who sold the bullets $250,000 after they lost a lawsuit.

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