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Steven Bradbury, a speedskater and Australia’s first gold medalist in the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, won his medal by purposely going slower than the other 4 skaters and hoping that one or more of them would crash to secure at least a bronze. All four crashed near the finish line.

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The white Australian silver-medalist, who stood with the two African-American sprinters giving the "black power" salute in the 1968 Olympics, was wearing a Civil Rights button to stand in solidarity with them and did so for the rest of his life despite being ostracized in his own country.

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  1. The parody national anthem or Kazakhstan from Borat was accidentally downloaded and played in its entirety for a Kazakh gold medalist during the 2012 Olympics

  2. Canada won the last ever Olympic Lacrosse Gold Medal, in 1908, and are therefore still the reigning Champions. In fact, they are the ONLY gold medalists ever in the sport.

  3. Amy Van Dyken, a 6-times Olympic gold medalist swimmer, has been an asthmatic her whole life, proving that children with asthma can grow to be olympic-level athletes!

  4. Guatemala has more Nobel Prize winners than it does Olympic medalists.

  5. In 1931, Olympic medalist Betty Robinson, mistakenly identified as dead, was placed in the trunk of a car, and driven to the morgue. She recovered. Won gold again in 1936

  6. The Soviet gold medalist Elena Mukhina was forced back to practice with an unhealed broken leg, which didn't give her enough power to do a flip and broke her neck on the mat making her quadriplegic for life in 1980. After the accident she said "Thank God I don't have to go to the Olympics".

  7. A gymnast born without legs, grew up idolized an Olympic gold medalist from afar. Then she later discovered they are long-lost sisters.

  8. NBA player Steven Adams is the youngest of 18 children, all boys avg height 6'9 and the girls avg 6'0 and one sister Olympic Gold Medalist Shotput

  9. When super-wealthy heir, John du Pont, shot and killed Olympic gold medalist Dave Schultz in cold blood and in front of multiple witnesses, he returned to his mansion and discussed terms of surrender on the phone with the police for two days.

  10. Margaret Thompson was the first woman to win an Olympic medal in a shooting sport (silver) in 1976 after tying with the gold medal winner. When the Olympic committee refused a shootoff, the gold medalist pulled Thompson onto the gold medal platform with him.

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Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder Usain Bolt ate 1,000 chicken nuggets and still managed to win three gold medals while competing and staying in Beijing, China.

The first modern Olympic medalist was kicked from Harvard because he went to the Olympics after a denied leave of absence - source

The parents of former Olympic gold medalist skier Picabo Street, decided to let her choose her own name when she was old enough, so for the first two years of her life she was called "baby girl" or "little girl" - source

The Olympics once had a category for literature, and that its first gold medalist was Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games.

The fastest American 8 year old in 2012 would have finished one second behind the bronze medalist in the 1896 Olympics. The fastest 15 year old would have won the bronze medal in 1980. - source

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Speedos were invented in 1928 by Alexander MacRae, a Scottish underwear maker in Australia. The bare-all swim brief only became popular after the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne when the Australian team (all wearing Speedos) won 8 gold medals. By 1968, 27 out of 29 gold medalists wore Speedos.

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In the 1992 Olympics (after the fall of the USSR), some athletes participated as a part of the "Unified Team" as their own countries were still determining their independence. They were represented by the Olympic Flag and the Olympic Hymn played for gold medalists.

Ronda Rousey (US Olympic medalist and UFC champion) used to be a moderator on a Pokemon forum.

The oldest Olympic medalist received his medal at age 83. His name was Anders Haugen and he was a ski-jumper. He competed in 1924, but because of a scoring error he did not receive his bronze medal until 1974, 50 years after he should have received it.

In 2005 Michael Blackburn, an Olympic medalist, crossed Bass Strait in a sailing dinghy in just over 13 hours, setting a record.

The first American to volunteer to fight in WWII; two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Fiske, "American citizen who died that England might live."

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Im Dong-hyun, two time Olympic gold medalist and considered one of the worlds best archers, is almost legally blind with 20% vision in his left eye and 30% in his right

James Howard Snook was the only Olympic gold medalist to be executed for murder. He is also the inventor of the Snook Hook, a surgical instrument still used today in veterinary surgeries.

The United States is the two-time defending Olympic Gold Medalists in Rugby.

About Korean National Treasure #904, a Corinthian helmet that was gifted to Sohn Kee-Chung, a gold medalist who competed for the Japan at the 1936 Olympics; He wasn't given it until 50 years later, upon which Sohn donated it to Korea. It is the only Western piece on the list of Korean treasures.

At West Point, while tackling a player during a football game, Dwight D. Eisenhower injured his knee, ending his athletic career. The player he was tackling was future football Hall of Fame inductee and Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Thorpe. The play changed the course of human history.

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The youngest ever Olympic medalist was a 7-year-old French boy recruited by the Dutch rowing team to cut weight.

Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer Ian Thorpe was allergic to chlorine as a child

64 Olympics gold medalist and hall of fame heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier, who famously knocked down Muhammad Ali in the Fight of the Century, as a 15 y.o stood up to his abusive white landlord who threatened him of whipping him with his belt. Joe asked him to use it for keeping his pants up.

2 x Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, Hamish Bond, who remained undefeated since 2007; has now transitioned to become a top professional cyclist, with eyes on Tokyo 2020.

Alan Turing was a talented long distance runner and could run a marathon in 2h46m, only 12 minutes slower than the 1948 Olympic gold medalist for which he had tried out.

Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin's coach Trevor Graham had denied allegations of doping by accusing Justin's massage therapist of rubbing a doctored cream with testosterone onto his buttocks

The Japanese practice of 'sepukku' or suicide by ritual self-disembowelment to save honour continues in the modern age. The last sepukku was by an olympic gold medalist in judo who killed himself in 2001 because his company suffered financial losses.

A Canadian Olympic gold medalist wrestler narrowly escaped death as he was robbed and beaten on a trip to his native Nigeria

Olympic medalists bite down on their medals simply because the photojournalists asked them to do so. Other than stand and smile on the podium, there's really not much to do, so they bite down on the medals.

The silver medalist Aussie dude at the 1968 Olympics requested that his space in the California Monument be left empty so visitors could stand in his place and feel what he felt. Also, he suggested to Smith & Carlos to split the gloves since they only brought one pair at the ceremony.

There was an unofficial mascot for the 2000 Sidney Olympics named Fatso the Fat-Arsed Wombat. Fatso appeared with gold medalist athletes, was commemorated in an official postage stamp, and immortalized in statue form as a nod to Olympic volunteers before it was stolen in 2010.

Olav V of Norway is a Olympic gold medalist and his son Harald V of Norway has competed in the olympics on 3 occasions.

When Jackie Gleason met Olympic gold medalist, ice skater Sonja Henie, he handed her an ice cube and said, “Okay, now do something.”

Only 3 of the last 7 Olympic gold medalists (dating back to 1988) in the men's 100m sprint were American, while none of the silver medalists were. Of those 3 men, 2 would test positive for PEDs at some point during their career. Maurice Green has never tested positive.

Yuzuru Hanyu, two-time Olympic gold medalist, donates all the Winnie the Pooh plush toys his supporters throw at him after each performance to local charities wherever he skates

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