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Molten salt wasteburners (MSW) is nuclear powerplants powered by nuclear waste and that they could be the future in safer nuclear energy

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There are more mobile phones than people in the world, and if everyone plugs their phones to charge at same time, it would consume over 40 gigawatts of electricity, assuming all over 8 billion phones use 5W chargers. That’s over 9 Palo Verde nuclear powerplants.

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  1. The area around the nuclear powerplant Chernobyl won't be inhabitable for humans for the next 20,000 years

  2. A japanese powerplant leaked nuclear particles into the pacific ocean.

  3. The Swedish nuclear powerplant "Forsmark" plant knew of the Chernobyl disaster before the Soviet government did, after their instruments picked up large dozes of radiation.

  4. Even after the nuclear disaster of reactor 4 from 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant's reactor 1, 2 and 3 were still in use until as late as 2000. This was because Ukraine didn't have enough powerplants to sustain a constant flow of energy in the region.

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