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The idea for Fox News was born when Richard Nixon approached Roger Ailes in 1970 about his vision for a conservative news channel that would serve as the mouthpiece for his administration and help mold the opinion of a “lazy public” addicted to TV.

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A consultant for Richard Nixon suggested a pro-administration news channel to be paid for by the White House dedicated to putting the GOP in a better light. This man was Roger Ailes, who went on to start Fox News in 1996.

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  1. Richard Nixon's administration had a master list of all of the president's main opponents among both people and organizations. Hunter S. Thompson felt disappointed not to have been on it.

  2. The Martha Mitchell effect, where a psychiatrist considers an unbelievable story delusional, but it turns out to be true. Named for the alcoholic wife of Nixon's attorney general, called mentally ill after reporting illegal behavior by the administration

  3. Nixon's minions planned to murder a reporter critical of his administration

  4. The Shafer Commission, after 5 years of research, concluded that cannabis did not cause widespread danger to society. It recommended using social measures other than criminalisation to discourage use. The Nixon administration did not implement the recommendations.

  5. NASA had detailed plans to get humans to Mars by as early as 1981, but the mission didn't get enough support from the Nixon administration and was shelved.

  6. The linchpin of Nixon's cold war strategy was the "Madman Theory." His administration attempted to make the leaders of other countries think Nixon was mad, and that his behavior was irrational and volatile.

  7. The Nixon administration plotted the assassination of investigative journalist Jack Anderson, with plans including exposing him to a "massive dose" of LSD by smearing it on the steering wheel of his car

  8. Richard Nixon resigned from his presidency in 1974 due to the Watergate scandal, which involved his administration taking part in illegal activities such as bugging political opponents" offices.

  9. In 1973 on 9/11 the US, under the Nixon administration, sponsored a Chilean coup d'état by fascists who murdered Chilean president Allende and established a fascist military dictatorship under Pinochet

  10. Nixon's administration was wiretapping to try to gain the upper hand in an attempt to be re-elected. Nixon was re-elected in November, 1972, as President of the United States, for a second term.

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Of the 270 Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 Moon Rocks that were given to the nations of the world by the Nixon Administration, approximately 180 are unaccounted for.

There wasn't a single credible report of American soldiers being spat on upon returning from Vietnam - Nixon administration made it up to deflect the narrative of the war - source

The Johnson administration viewed communist China as a bigger threat than the Soviet Union, which was switched to a certain degree by the Nixon administration.

For his anti-war song's like "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" and "Give Peace a Chance", the administration of Richard Nixon began proceedings to deport John Lennon. In 1973, he was ordered to leave the US within 60 days, Yoko Ono was given permanent residency around the same time.

The US bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War was begun by the Johnson administration, not by Nixon. - source

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President Tito of Yugoslavia visited the White House on three occasions, during the administrations of Kennedy, Nixon and Carter, proving the importance of socialist Yugoslavia in the international relations during the Cold War

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The Nixon administration was hell bent on discrediting Jack anderson, a newspaper columnist who was publishing government secrets, going so far as to plan an assassination of the man.

Jeb Stuart Magruder was one of the chief planners and executors of the Nixon administration's Watergate Scandal and cover-up. After Watergate, he abandoned politics to become an ordained minister for the Presbyterian church.

The Nixon administration, viewing Blacks and anti-war leftists as enemies, knowingly lied about their association with drugs in the goal of criminalizing and disrupting their communities.

At least as far back as the Nixon administration up until the 1960s-70s if you made over $200,000 the income tax was around 90%

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