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Gary Webb, the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News who first broke the story of CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, was found dead with "two gunshot wounds to the head." His death, in 2004, was ruled a suicide.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was the 2nd person on earth to publicly report the news of Osama bin Laden's death, only 47 seconds after a navy intel officer leaked it from official sources.

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  1. British reporter Clare Hollingworth broke the news of Hitler invading Poland. British embassy didn't believe her until she held a telephone out of the window of her room to capture the ongoing sounds of war. Hers was the 1st report the British Foreign Office received about the invasion of Poland

  2. Oak Ridge, a city built in the U.S. in 1942. 100,000 people lived and worked there doing very specific tasks, most of whom with no idea of what they were working towards. In 1945 they saw news reports of the atomic bombings of Japan and realised they’d been working on the bombs all along

  3. 87 years ago, there was a day that the BBC had no news to report. So they just played piano music.

  4. Chris Morris, from the IT Crowd, has been fired from many jobs due to the many pranks he has pulled during his radio career, including filling one of the radio booths with helium, causing the newsreader to report the news in an extremely high-pitched voice.

  5. The news reporter in Zootopia is a different animal depending on region. For example, in the US release he's a moose, in Australia he's a koala, in Brazil he's a jaguar, and in Japan he's a tanuki.

  6. Due to a researcher’s offhand comment about octopus DNA seeming “alien”, many news outlets mistakenly began reporting that cephalopods had actually come from outer space.

  7. When Michael Foot was put in charge of a nuclear disarmament committee, The Times reportedly announced the news with the headline "Foot Heads Arms Body."

  8. The reason so many crazy news articles begin with "A Florida man/woman..." is because the media have unrestricted access to Florida police reports.

  9. In 2007, Mika Brzezinski (a MSNBC news anchor) refused to report on the lead story of Paris Hilton's release from jail, then after being pressured again to do the story, she attempted to light the script on fire on live television.

  10. In 1930 on the news bulletin the BBC reported that "There is no news" and instead played piano music

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In 2007 MSNBC reporter Mika Brzezinski refused to read a report about Paris Hilton's release from jail choosing instead to report on more important political news. When her producer tried to get her to push the story again she attempted to light the report on fire and had to be restrained.

Gary Powers survived being shot down in his U2 spy plane from 21km (70,000 feet) altitude over USSR in 1960, but he died after his news reporting chopper ran out of fuel over LA in California in 1977. - source

If Train in Japan is even 5 minutes late, the passengers get a formal apology, and most times they'll even get a "delay certificate." If a Train delays over an hour, its reported on the news. - source

On April 1, 1980, BBC news ervice "reported" that the Big Ben will get a digital readout, and that the clock hands will be given to the first four listeners to call. Later on, BBC received a massive amount of phone calls from angry protestors, and ended up spending several days to apologize.

In Japan, in 1997, a Pokemon scene with flashing lights induced mass seizures in children across the country. Reporting on the incident, the nightly news replayed the offending scene, prompting yet MORE seizures. - source

Gary Webb, an Investigative Reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, wrote a series of articles about CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking into the US. On December 10, 2004, Gary Webb was found dead in his apartment from two gunshot wounds to the head. His death was later ruled as a suicide.

In 1998 CNN ran a false news report, accusing American soldiers of using sarin gas in a rescue mission titled, "Operation Tailwind" during the Vietnam War. The report would later go on to become the basis of a storyline in HBO's The Newsroom.

A gay waitress lied about a homophobic family on the news, then got caught when the family saw the news report

Fox News contributor Todd Starnes falsely reported on a kindergarten student who was told by her teacher not to pray in class. The parent of the child turned out to be Marcos Perez, who was the promoter of Starnes' new book about the imaginary assault on Christianity in the US.

The original radio broadcast War of the Worlds In 1938 did not induce mass panic across the US as widely believed and that the hysteria was actually just an early example of fake news being reported by the newspapers.

On April 18, 1930, the BBC reported, "There is no news." They played piano music instead.

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On April 18 1930 the BBC reported that there was no news. They then played out with piano music

Reporters Without Borders list the US as an Enemy of the Internet along with China, Russia, UK, North Korea, Iran and 13 other countries. These countries mark themselves out by their capacity to censor news and information online but also for their almost systematic repression of Internet users

During the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson threatened CBS News that if it didn't 'cleaned up its act,' after showing US Marines burning villages, the White House would 'go public' with the reporter's alleged "communist ties."

Angelina Jolie sold her baby photos to the press with the understanding that they'd never report any negative news about her, ever again (including pre-approving editorials about her).

As part of an April Fool's Day prank in 1989, a TV news station in Seattle reported that the city's iconic Space Needle had collapsed. So many people called 911 that the lines went down, and medical professionals left from hours away to volunteer in the 'recovery' efforts.

News channels owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group are required to do 'must-run' segments. Which is a centralized system of mandating news stories, reports or segments at all 193 (soon 233) stations that SBG owns

On Halloween 1992, BBC1 broadcast "Ghostwatch," a mockumentary horror film. Appearing to be a real news show, it caused public panic and outrage. It reportedly caused 3 premature labors, and BBC received 30,000 complaints. Despite having a cult following, it has never since been shown on UK TV.

In the 1930s NBC added a fourth chime to their three chime signal which would alert employees that news of historical significance was about to occur and that all employees should report to work. The fourth chime was used when the Hindenburg exploded and during the attack on Peal Harbor.

The director/writter of the movie "Dogma" Kevin Smith went to a catholic protest at a movie theater against his own movie and even got interviewed by a local news reporter

Ronald Reagan once wagged his hands and made faces at reporters during a dinner for the White House News Photographers Association. He claimed he waited years for the opportunity.

Television networks transitioned away from from quality hard-news reporting, to the more entertaining and sensationalized news we see today, strictly because it was more profitable.

In 1998, as Mark McGwire set the record for most home runs hit in a baseball season, he was found to be using a legal steroid-precursor called androstenedione. After this was reported in the news, sales of the supplement increased over 1000%.

The first black news reporter in Britain was let go due to pressure from racists. She later became a senator in Jamaica, and is also a writer.

Bay Area's KTVU Channel 2 news made an embarrassing mistake while reporting the names of people they thought were pilots on the Asiana flight that crashed. According to Channel 2, the crew was comprised of: Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow

The first accurate science news report of the Wright brothers' invention of the airplane was published by a beekeeper in his trade magazine after journalists failed to recognize the significance of the achievement. He offered the article to Scientific American for free and was turned down.

A gunman named James Hoskins held reporters at Cincinnati news station WCPO hostage in 1980. In a taped interview, he confessed to killing his girlfriend earlier in the evening.

In September of 2016, 180 million workers in India staged a strike. It was the largest strike in world history, and went virtually uncovered by mainstream news, as they were instead reporting on the iPhone 7 release.

In 2016 two news anchors for WSB-TV channel 2 in Atlanta decided to sneak lyrics to Tupac's song into their morning traffic report as a way to pay tribute to a hip hop legend. It has now become a tradition and they've done it for several other rap legends that have passed. (more in comments)

Perd Hapley from Parks and Recreation is played by Jay Jackson who was a real television reporter for 22 years, has played a fictional news reporter over 20 times and is a jazz singer!

Keith Richards once joked that he snorted his father's ashes with cocaine, but most American and European news publications reported it as fact.

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