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I learned that the death of Buddy Holly made his pregnant wife miscarry after learning about his death on TV. As a result it became later forbidden for news outlets to announce a death before the family of the victim is notified

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Simpsons Director David Mirkin tried to leak fake endings for the Two Part Episode Who killed Mr. Burns, but to his surprise all news outlets rejected him, stating it would be immoral to air spoilers

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  1. Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, was able to view his obituary before he died due to a news-outlet mishap. Due to all the horrible things he read about himself, including being called "the merchant of death", he decided to dedicate his fortune to the creation of the Nobel Prize.

  2. The satirical news outlet 'The Onion' is now worth more than most of the legitimate news outlets that it mocks

  3. Due to a researcher’s offhand comment about octopus DNA seeming “alien”, many news outlets mistakenly began reporting that cephalopods had actually come from outer space.

  4. VICE, the rather left and "alternative" news outlet, is owned partly by Rupert Murdoch

  5. There are Youtube bots that plagiarize news stories using full automation. They regularly steal written content and images from numerous news outlets, and automatically generate hundreds of videos per month as their own. It's making the bot/channel owners incredible amounts of money.

  6. Universal Pictures, while marketing The Fourth Kind, created fake news stories of alien abductions and posted them online using the names of actual Alaskan news outlets. Those outlets sued, and won.

  7. Over 75% of Americans will get their news from the same sources everyday. And more than 50% of them consider themselves "loyal" to that news outlet.

  8. Elton John's husband David Furnish was recently caught having a threesome in a paddling pool full in olive oil. This fact has been banned from being broadcast in England and Wales, and news outlets are, right now, being threatened to remove all traces of the story.

  9. A fake news story about a 'Cambodian Midget Fighting League' involving a Cambodian government sanctioned event where 42 midgets were mauled by an African lion, was picked up by several major media outlets as a legitimate news story in 2005.

  10. CBC, a Canadian News Outlet, contains a secure drop feature which uses Tor in order for individuals to leave untraceable tips to the agency.

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news outlet fact data chart about I lined up (Pulitzer Prize-Winning Factchecker) Politifact's
I lined up (Pulitzer Prize-Winning Factchecker) Politifact's Truth-O-Meter ratings for each of the "Mainstream Media" news outlets to compare them

news outlet fact data chart about News Outlet Mentions Of The Word Neoliberal/Neoliberalism (M
News Outlet Mentions Of The Word Neoliberal/Neoliberalism (Media Bias)

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In 2013 the Pirate Bay faked moving its servers to North Korea. Various news outlets including NBC and 'Business Insider' reported the event as factual, without ever updating that it was a hoax.

When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005 many news outlets reported it with the title "Katrina and the Waves". When the New York Times contacted the titular Katrina from said band she said she hoped "Walking on Sunshine" would be the anthem for the Gulf Coast's recovery. - source

News of the Christmas Truce was heavily censored in the countries involved and only began to leak out weeks later after American media outlets reported on it.

The screenwriter for The Core put in a lot of work to get the science as accurate as he could and wrote a lengthy rebuttal to a news outlet lambasting the movie for its bad science. (link to archive of the original Ain't It Cool News criticism in comments)

A retired highway maintenance worker named Greg Packer has been quoted over 100 times by news outlets, including AP, New York Times, NY Post, and Newsday, as their "man on the streets," and many agencies now have directives against interviewing him - source

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Florida Man" stories are actually the result of the Florida Sunshine Laws, which require all police reports to be a matter of public record. This means Florida does not have a higher rate of bizarre crimes committed, it's that the news outlets have access to all police reports.

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Illusionist Harry Houdini was falsely reported as taking part of the first aerial flight in Australia and a century later, some major news outlets still credit him with this feat.

not far from me in Quakertown PA, and surrounding townships northwest of Philly, people have been experiencing a mystery of unexplainable house shaking "Booms" late at night. As reported by numerous news outlets, it has been going on for several months with no answers.

Vocativ is a news outlet that utilizes data a mining setup that is based on standard practice in intelligence agencies, and claims that 80% of the stories Vocativ has published to date haven’t appeared anywhere else.

Major news outlets actually ran front page stories about a “call boy” prostitution ring in the Reagan/Bush era White House. According to the news, the boys were “rented out” by the top execs. at a boys home called ‘Boys Town’ in Nebraska.

Following Avicii's death, news outlets reported that at the time of his death, he had over 200 unreleased songs, some finished and others still in development. It was further stated that he had produced some of the best songs in his career before his passing

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Accuracy of Content Published by News Outlets to Facebook Before the 2016 Election

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The Press Briefing Room in the West Wing of the White House has assigned seating for ~49 major news outlets including the Associated Press, Reuters, and the New York Times. BuzzFeed has an assigned seat in the back row.

Missing White Woman Syndrome" is a phenomenon where news media outlets report on cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls extensively.

Unless you can prove it was done intentionally and with "actual malice", it's very difficult to sue a news outlet for publishing a fake story about you if you're a public figure in the United States.

Our top US News outlets information is rated less than 40% above the "half true" level... And that's the best one!

Satirical news outlet The Onion predicted the outcome of the George W. Bush presidency on 17 Jan 2001, including the multiple wars, the major economic recession, and the lifting of an offshore drilling ban

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Why a journalist tricked news outlets into thinking chocolate makes you thin

Robots (software) write news articles for Forbes and many other media outlets including sports networks.

In 1985 a Miami jury concluded the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination, and no major news outlet across the country covered the trial.

About a woman in Mexico who shot and killed 2 bus drivers in a 2 day span. She then wrote an email to a news outlet claiming to be Diana The Hunter(a Roman god).

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