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If your blood type is negative, Toxoplasmosis (the parasite in cat that is thought makes you love cats) is very dangerous and can inflict severe nervous system damage. Positive blood types, on the other hand, have a natural resistance to it.

Some people believe that a person's blood type can predict a great deal about them, including their character, personality, and even how well they get along with others. Despite this never being proven correct, South Korean and Japanese cultures still believe in these myths.

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  1. Higher rates of O negative blood type are found in people from Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, and Australia.

  2. The blood type of a person is determined by chromosome 9. A child born to parents who are both O will also be O.

  3. In an emergency when a blood transfusion is required, the use of O negative is the safe choice, especially when there is no time to test the patient for blood type.

  4. O negative blood is more common in Caucasians, at 8% of the population. Only 4% of Africans and Hispanics have O negative blood type and only 1% of Asians have O negative.

  5. At hospitals in mass trauma situations women of childbearing age are given priority for type O negative blood.

  6. People with O negative blood following the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet are believed to be healthiest on a diet of lean protein, and only limited wheat and grains, which will cause them to gain weight.

  7. People with type O blood tend to have higher levels of stomach acid and therefore experience more ulcers.

  8. Most babies do not have the same type of blood as their mother. This is not a problem unless the O negative mother is Rh- and the baby is Rh+. Medical intervention is required to help avoid complications that can become fatal for the baby if left untreated with antibodies.

  9. If a person with O negative blood can only receive O negative blood. If they are given any other type will cause an immune response in the body.

  10. In China, negative blood types are referred to as 'panda blood' due to its rarity.

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There are several blood types including A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-.

Peter Steele - frontman of Type O Negative - signed his record contract with a mixture of his semen and blood - source

In regards to type o negative blood being universal, that is only in regards to packed cells. Type o negative blood is not universal. - source

Type O Negative singer Peter Steele signed his recording contract with a mixture of his blood and semen, drawn from his body right in the tiny office of Roadrunner Records in 1989.

Australian man's miracle blood has saved 2 million lives - In Mr Harrison's blood doctors found a rare blood type that carried rhesus-negative cells which had never been seen before - Considered an "irreplaceable" national hero, Mr Harrison has donated his life-saving elixir more than 1000 times - source

Individuals with the blood type O Negative have a higher level of adrenaline in there system at all times which can cause episodes of excessive anger, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, and chemical imbalance bringing about manic experiences.

Rh blood group system, the most important after ABO, only becomes relevant if a negative blood type is exposed to a positive. This is relevant primarily in childbirth and blood transfusions/organ donation.

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