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Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, devised a WWII plan to plant false info about the Allies’ next attack on a dead man, drift him at sea, and hope he’d be found by Nazi sympathizers. Operation Mincemeat worked, turning the tide for the Allies, who stormed Italy while the Nazis defended Greece.

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Joe Greenstein, American strongman, survived a bullet to the forehead (bullet flattened on his skull) then years later went on to beat 18 nazi sympathizers with a baseball bat and escaped unharmed

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  1. In Toronto, 1933, an amateur baseball game broke out into a massive race riot when a group of Nazi sympathizers, protesting the Jewish players, unveiled a crude Swastika flag. "A crowd of more than 10,000 citizens, excited by cries of 'Heil Hitler' became suddenly a disorderly mob."

  2. Some WWII Allies who ended up in Switzerland were housed at the Wauwilermoos penal camp. Conditions there were brutal, violating the 1929 Geneva Conventions, and the self-appointed warden was a Nazi sympathizer. The camp was mostly ignored until 2013.

  3. The founder of ikea was a Nazi sympathizer

  4. Coco Chanel was actually a Nazi sympathizer and worked for the Nazi's in World War 2 as an agent

  5. Wallis Simpson and her husband, King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne to marry her, were suspected Nazi sympathizers during WWII.

  6. Asperger Syndrome was named for a Nazi sympathizer who handed over disabled children to be "euthanized" (i.e., murdered)

  7. Famous conductor Furtwängler stayed in Nazi Germany, helping numerous Jewish musicians survive, only to get accused and disgraced as a "Nazi sympathizer" after the war

  8. Daksa Island, an island on the coast of Croatia that is for sale and that nobody wants. Nobody wants it because dozens of Nazi sympathizers were massacred there in 1944

  9. Henry Ford was a Nazi Sympathizer, he even received a Nazi honorary award the "Grand Cross of the German Eagle"

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L'Oreal's founder was a Nazi sympathizer

Prescott Bush, Father of George H. W. Bush, had his assets seized in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy act. His bank had been a clearing house for steel sold to Germany by Fritz Theissen, a Nazi sympathizer. After the war, Bush was found not guilty and aquitted of charges. - source

In 1936 20,000 Jews, Irishmen, Communists, anarchists, and socialists battled 2,000 Nazi sympathizers and fascists at the Battle of Cable Street - source

Edward VIII (the one who "abdicated for love") was (along with his wife) a virulent nazi sympathizer.

King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathizer. - source

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Wauwilermoos internment camp, a Swiss concentration camp run by an alleged Nazi sympathizer, who violated the Geneva and Hague convention. The camp held Russian,American and other prisoners

Nazi sympathizers built a house in LA awaiting Hitlers and the Third Reichs arrival in the US...The nazi group chose a famous black architect to build the house

Established by the German-American Bund in the 1930s, Camp Siegfried was a summer camp for Nazi sympathizers which featured cabins, craft areas, tents, a shooting range, and parade grounds for marching drills.

A previous owner of the Cincinnati Reds was banned from MLB due sympathizing with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

In 1936 20,000 Jews, Irishmen, Communists, anarchists, and socialists battled 2,000 Nazi sympathizers and fascists at the Battle of Cable Street

Audrey Hepburn Helped The Resistance During World War II, But Her Parents Were Nazi Sympathizers

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Chess grandmaster Alexander Alekhine, was a Nazi sympathizer who wrote in an article that "Jews played defensive, cowardly chess and the Aryan chessplayers played attacking chess that was aggressive and brave"

Charles Lindbergh spied on Canada/ British Commonwealth in order to plan for a possible war with Great Britain. Full documentary Lindbergh reference at 17min in. Also a Nazi sympathizer.

In the 1930s, Nazi sympathizers began a small compound in California, hiring famous local architect Paul Williams. Williams, ironically, was black.

In 1933, an affluent couple acquired 55 acres of secluded land from Will Rogers hidden in the hills of Santa Monica and began building a compound as a western Nazi stronghold & Nazi sympathizers until the end of WWI.

When Rammstein was faced with accusations of being Nazi sympathizers they wrote a song, "Links, 2, 3, 4" which implied that their political spectrum is rather to the left.

HUAC, which is most famous for investigating Communist threats in the US, started as an effort to find Nazi sympathizers.

Joan Pujol Garcia decided to become a double agent during ww2. He eventually helped the allies pull off Dday. He was awarded high honors by both the Brits and the Nazis. MI5 later helped him fake his death to escape nazi sympathizers.

Nazi sympathizers built Adolf Hitler a bunker in the Hollywood hills

During WWII, the U.S. Renditioned innocent ethnic German Jews for being suspected Nazi sympathizers and imprisoned them alongside real Nazis.

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