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In the desert in Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, there are series of thousands ancient huge, wheel-shaped structures which can only be viewed from space, similar to Nazca lines in Peru

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Jim Woodman theorized that the Nazca lines were built via an ancient form of flight. TO prove this he constructed a hot air balloon only using resources that were available to the ancient Nazca people.

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  1. Greenpeace permamently damaged the Nazca Lines during a PR stunt

  2. Greenpeace ruined the ancient South American UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Nazca Lines for a publicity stunt of their own

  3. An unauthorized Greenpeace publicity stunt timed to coincide with global climate talks in Peru may have destroyed part of the 1500 year-old Nazca Line Hummingbird tracing. The group failed to take proper measures to protect the area, according to their own photos.

  4. There are Nazca-esque lines (geoglyphs) in California called the Blythe Intaglios

  5. Greenpeace is responsible for destroying the famed Nazca lines in peru

  6. One of the original album cover design ideas for Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" was to sneakily bulldoze out the "Zoso" logo among the Nazca lines in Peru and photograph it from a helicopter.

  7. The Sajama Lines in Boliva dwarf other geoglyphs in sheer scope. There are thousands of them, covering an area 15 times larger than Nazca, each line 3-10' wide, up to 11 miles long. Estimates put their linear length at approximately 16,000 kilometers, roughly three times the breadth of the US!

  8. The Great Pyramid is aligned with Machupicchu, the Nazca lines and Easter Island along a straight line around the center of the Earth, within a margin of error of less than one tenth of one degree of latitude.

  9. A theory that the Nazca Lines were made to be viewed by a sun bird called Inti

  10. Evidence that the Nazca Lines were made by the Tiwanaku empire and not by the people of Nazca

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The environmental activist group Greenpeace caused irreparable damage to the Nazca Lines in Peru during a publicity stunt.

There are Nazca lines in Kazakhstan too. The geoglyphs form various geometric shapes, mostly basic, such as squares, crosses, circles and rings, and a swastika-like shape. - source

In 2014 Greenpeace did irreparable to the Nazca Lines; their message? "It's time for change" - source

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