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Australia’s entire GPS navigation system was found to be off by 4 feet in 2016 when its satellite navigation systems failed to account for tectonic shift—roughly 2.2 inches a year over 2 decades—and threw everything slightly out of position.

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The navy is now teaching sailors Celestial Navigation as a response to potential cyber attacks to ship navigation systems.

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  1. There are still large concrete arrows across the US from the Transcontinental Airway System, which helped pilots prior to radio navigation

  2. The SR-71 was able to maintain its heading within 1,000 feet at Mach 3 by using a navigation system that tracked a series of 61 stars using a sensor capable of detecting them in broad daylight.

  3. During WWII, the British, learned of a German radio navigation system codenamed 'Wotan'. Wotan, or Odin, was a one-eyed Norse god, whence they deduced that the system used one beam, and were able to develop countermeasures before the system was even deployed.

  4. Every station on the Mexico City Metro has a unique symbol in order to help illiterate passengers navigate throughout the system.

  5. The first commercial digital navigation system, Etak, was released in 1985, before commercial GPS. The founders had to digitize their own maps which were so accurate they're still in use today, including in Apple's Maps app.

  6. In the early days of aerial navigation, pilots followed a system of giant concrete arrows on the ground to reach their destination

  7. There are approximately 35,000 stray dogs living on the streets of Moscow. Some have learned to obey traffic signals and, through their acute sense of smell, navigate the subway system. There is even a statue for Malchik, a stray dog who was stabbed by a passerby in 2001.

  8. Astronomers are working on a GPS-like navigation system for space travel called XNAV. It uses our Solar System as the center of the "map" and gives a highly accurate location of a spacecraft throughout the Universe. It would be used for future space missions beyond Jupiter.

  9. When Greece tested four tanks in 2000 before a big arms purchase, the US M1A1 Abrams and British Challenger 2E tanks had trouble with their satellite navigation systems. A French intelligence agency used GPS jammers to help the French Leclerc tank in the competition.

  10. During World War II, the gyroscope became the prime component for aircraft and anti-aircraft gun sights.[19] After the war, the race to miniaturize gyroscopes for guided missiles and weapons navigation systems resulted in the development and manufacturing of so-called midget gyroscopes

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BMW was forced to recall its navigation system in Germany because of numerous complaints from male drivers saying that they refused to take directions from a female voice.

The first commercially available assisted navigation system didn't even need satellites. - source

In 1924, in order to facilitate a 24-hour Air Mail system (prior to radar or inertial navigation), the U.S. set up 1500 large, illuminated concrete arrows from New York to San Francisco to help pilots fly across the country at night. - source

In WWII, a psychologist named B. F. Skinner trained pigeons to pilot missiles at enemy ships. The pigeons would peck at a visual feed of the ship, and an internal navigation system would steer the missile

The first international flight of the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane occurred during a training mission in 1967 when the plane's navigation system failed, allowing the pilots to accidentally fly into Mexican airspace - source

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access to the classified US GPS system was opened up after navigational issues led to the Soviets shooting down Korean Airlines Flight 007

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The Unified Deep Water System of European Russia is a navigable series of waterways & canals connecting the Caspian, Black, Baltic & White (Arctic) Seas with Moscow and the Volga River

On 24 July 1999 the Sun generated an "eruptive prominence" -- not aimed at Earth -- that was "particularly large and looping," "extending over 35 Earths out from the Sun." Earth-directed erupting prominences "can affect communications, navigation systems, even power grids" and produce auroras.

Cat's whiskers are multipurpose organs that aid in navigation, are an early warning system and an indicator of mood

The shootdown of KAL007 by a Soviet Su-15 Interceptor in 1983 due to a problem with its navigation system, sped up the availability of GPS technology for civilian use.

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Despite spending $66.7 billion on F-22 Raptor program 6 of them crossed the International Date Line on their first deployment and all of their computer systems (navigation, communication and even fuel control) permanently crashed. A tanker aircraft guided them back to the base safely.

Navigation systems in Japanese cars double as TV's, which can be watched while driving.

The triangular chevron/arrow on navigation systems is based on the ship from Atari's "Asteroids".

The first on-board navigation system was invented in 1909. The Jones Live worked by rotating a disk with printed directions that the driver would sync with a set start point, and would move past an arrow that would give directions from that starting point along the drive to a set end point.

There are other global navigation satellite systems besides the US-backed “GPS”: “GLONASS” is Russian, “Galileo” is European and China has “BeiDou”. “GPS” has become the generic trademark name for global navigation satellite systems.

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The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has an Orangutan transit system, dubbed the O-Line, that allows the apes to navigate the park on a system of cables 50 feet above the ground

In 1920's America, the air mail service installed giant concrete arrows from east to west coast as a navigation system for pilots.

You can set navigation system in Rolls-Royce to avoid certain areas. And of course Rolls-Royce have more interesting quirks and features.

India was denied GPS by US during Kargil war. Now after 17 years India has it's own navigation system.

UPS trucks avoid turning left because of a navigation system designed to boost driver efficiency.

The Mariner 10 spacecraft (which studied Mercury and Venus in the mid-1970s) pretty much spent its whole mission trying to fail in increasingly creative ways. For a while, the spacecraft's state-of-the-art navigation system kept chasing stray paint chips.

The maiden flight of the $500m Ariane 5 space rocket failed because of a single conversion error in the software that caused the inertial navigation system and flight computer to crash.

The Woodside Omega Transmitter Tower (part of the Omega VLF radio navigation system), was the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere from 1982 until it's demolition in 2015. It stood at a height of 432 metres, and was sited in Victoria, Australia.

BMW was forced to recall its female-voiced navigation system on its cars in Germany after being flooded with calls from men saying they refused to take directions from a woman.

The first automotive navigation system was released in 1985, 10 years before GPS was available

The shootdown of KAL007 by a Soviet Su-15 interceptor, due to a problem with the navigation system, sped up the availability of GPS technology for civilian use.

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