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Dick Trickle, the NASCAR driver ESPN anchors Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick would always be sure to announce the results for because they thought his name was funny. Trickle had a hole drilled in his helmet so he could smoke cigarettes during races, and won rookie of the year at 48 years old

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NASCAR rose in popularity in 1979 after the first nationally televised race ended with the leaders crashing on the last lap, and then proceeding to fight in the muddied infield grass. With only 3 channels, and much of the the East Coast snowed in, it quickly became nationally known

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  1. In 1963 Wendell Scott became to first African American to win a Nascar Race. Though being two laps ahead of the other cars, was ignored because the winner was to kiss a white beauty queen. He was awarded the trophy in 2010, 20 years after his death. (More in Comments).

  2. The 209 NASCAR races Danica Patrick has participated in she has never won a race.

  3. Marty Robbins, singer of Big Iron, raced in NASCAR. In the 1972 Talladega 500, his laps were 15mph faster than his qualifying time. After the race, he turned down the Rookie of the Race award and admitted that he removed the carb restrictor "to see what it was like to run up front for once."

  4. NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt, along with many other NASCAR drivers, resisted use of the HANS device when it was introduced. The HANS was developed specifically to help prevent Basilar skull fractures common to car racing. Earnhardt later died after suffering this exact injury

  5. Country singer Marty Robbins loved NASCAR and even raced his own car. Once, he stunned everyone by running 15 mph faster than his qualifying lap. When NASCAR tried to award him, he rejected it, stating he knocked the restrictors out as he "wanted to see what it was like to run up front for once"

  6. In 1963, Wendell Scott became the first, and so far only, African-American to win a NASCAR race. However, NASCAR declared the second place finisher the winner and only announced that Scott had actually won after everyone had left the track.

  7. NASCAR was created as a result of prohibition, moonshiners made cars to be especially fast so they could get away from the police. Eventually this led to racing as we know it today.

  8. The end of Prohibition directly led to the creation of NASCAR; former moonshine runners had souped-cars and racing skills, but nowhere to use either once liquor was legal again

  9. Fearing Tim Richmond had AIDS, NASCAR used allegedly false drug test results to bar him for racing in 1988 to never race again. He died the following year.

  10. The greatest driver in the history of NASCAR is racing legend Richard Petty. He won 200 NASAR races. He won Daytona 500 a total of seven times. Richard Petty invented the window net to help protect the drivers" arms during a crash.

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The world's largest photo, at 348 gigapixels (that's 348000 megapixels), was taken during a NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The image is large enough for every person who attended the event to zoom in and find themselves in the stands.

During prohibition, moonshiners built souped up cars to escape federal tax agents, and would hold informal races between each other for bragging rights. By the 1940's these races became organized, laying the groundwork for modern day NASCAR. - source

A NASCAR race team will wear out over 15 sets of tires a week.

The Daytona 500 is the biggest NASCAR race of the year. This is also the first race each year.

More People Visted US National Parks Than Went To Every Single Disney Park, NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball game and NASCAR race combined. - source

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During a race a NASCAR driver can lose as much as 10 pounds from body sweat. They must stay hydrated or they can lose their ability to focus.

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NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch got permission from Sony to use Ricky Bobby's "ME" paint scheme for a race in 2012, both his crew and announcers referred to him as Ricky Bobby throughout the race

NASCAR started secretly using an abandoned turnpike tunnel (passing through a mountain in Pennsylvania) for extreme race car testing. It was years until locals discovered their activities. The facility includes a 460-meter acceleration zone with a total length of 1384 meters.

NASCAR drivers must weigh 200 pounds to race. If they do not weigh 200 pounds, weights are added until this weight is reached.

In 1953 a Rhesus monkey named "Jocko Flocko" became the first and only monkey to win a NASCAR race. That same year he retired as co-driver after opening a small door during the race, causing him to go into a frenzy in which he attacked the driver of the car, Tim Flock, costing him the race.

The only non-Japanese driver to ever die at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, was an American that had a heart attack while driving a Corvette Safety Car during a NASCAR exhibition race....

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Because there is no way to stop for bathroom breaks during a NASCAR race, the drivers often just go in their seat. When the race is over and they have to exit the car they pour water or Gatorade on their body to try and hide the obvious.

A NASCAR driver does not have to have a driver's license to race. Drivers must pass a drug test and physical test however.

Kurt Busch is the last full time NASCAR Cup driver to have raced Dale Earnhardt

About Double Duty, the achievement of a driver running both the Indianapolis 500 Indycar and Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR races in the same day.

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Con Man L. W. Wright - Entered a NASCAR Cup Race in 1982 He Qualified and Finished 39th He Left His Car, Uniform, Team and Bouncing Checks at the Track and was Never Seen Again

Even after a racer’s body was smeared across the track, NASCAR continued and finished the race.

The field for the 1949 NASCAR race on Daytona Beach included three women

An man in Flordia stole an estimated 1 million dollars by stealing wallets from RVs at the same NASCAR races for 30 years.

Jeff Gordon was so dominant in the late 90s that he was told by NASCAR not to pull out more than four seconds in front of second place to keep the race entertaining.

Actor Paul Newman not only ran a NASCAR Modified race at Daytona in 1974, he co-owned a team in the early 90s’ and had planned to run a few NASCAR road races in ‘99.

A band formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. had to change its name because there was too much confusion with NASCAR fans going to their shows to see race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Nascar Crashes - Nascar Race - Nascar Wreck Compilation #3

In the year 2015, NASCAR STILL uses 4-speed manual transmissions in all of their racing cars.

About a "drunken fan" stealing the pace car at a NASCAR race at Talladega in 1986

A NASCAR driver nicknamed "Fireball" Roberts died on July 2, 1964, several weeks after a crash during a race in Charlotte that burned over 80% of his body.

The 1987 Winston 500 NASCAR race was so fast "Drivers reported that the rear tires of the Monte Carlo SS were lifting off the pavement going into Turn 3" at Talladega Super Speedway.

NASCAR uses duct tape to repair cars during a race

A NASCAR racer from the 70's is still racing today in his 70s of age.

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