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Jack Black's eponymous character in the 2006 comedy Nacho Libre is based on a real priest- Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, who wrestled with the ring name "Fray Tormenta" (Friar Storm) in order to support an orphanage he founded.

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The inspiration for "Nacho Libre" was Fray Tormenta, a Mexican priest who turned to wrestling to raise money for an orphanage, but he himself got the idea and name from a 1963 film...about a priest who turns to wrestling to raise money for an orphanage.

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  1. "Nacho Libre" was based upon a Catholic priest turned luchador who called himself "Fray Tormenta" (Friar Storm); he supported an orphanage for 23 years with his second career.

  2. Mitt Romney dressed up as Nacho Libre and fought a Luchador.

  3. Ramses from Nacho Libre passed away during a wrestling match

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