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Switzerland has no landfills. 50% of the municipal waste is recycled, 50% is incinerated to produce electricity

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In most places in Switzerland, they won't collect trash that's not in special bags that are sold with a built-in fee. Recycling, however, is cheap or free. As a result, Switzerland recycles 54% of solid municipal waste (double the European average) and 76% of recyclable items

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  1. Burj Khalifa isn’t hooked up to a municipal wastewater treatment system – so when you poop in the building, that waste is actually trucked out of the city.

  2. A King from India, visiting London, bought 6 Rolls Royce cars and used them to transport municipal waste after he was mistaken as a poor Indian in casual clothes by the Rolls Royce Showroom

  3. In 2009 many buildings in Dubai were not connected to the municipal sewage system. Their solution was to collect waste from thousands of septic tanks and truck it to the city's only treatment plant.

  4. Animal dung is used as biofuel. Agricultural waste, food service waste, and municipal wastes can be used as biofuel as well.

  5. William L. Rathje, an archeologist and professor who led a team that studied municipal trash using archaeological methods. They discovered perfectly preserved hot dogs, lettuce, and even guacamole, showing that waste in dumps tends to mummify instead of biodegrading.

  6. In 2012 B9Shipping has begun development of the fossil fuel-free Cargo ship which employ a Dyna-rig sail propulsion system combined with RR engine powered by LBM derived from municipal waste, is expected to provide around 60 percent of the vessel’s thrust

  7. Human waste was regularly collected from municipal outhouses for use in the production of gunpowder.

  8. The Maharaja of Alwar, India had once, in 1920, ordered municipal department to use Rolls Royce cars for cleaning and transporting the city's waste, in retaliation against the humiliation he had received from one of their salesman, when on a tour of London.

  9. Rolls Royce cars were used to clear the municipal waste in India, circa 1920

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