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Mount Rushmore has a hidden hallway with granite stairs that was designed to hold American relics and documents

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There is a secret room behind Mount Rushmore designed to store US treasured documents

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  1. Mount Rushmore is built in the black hills, a mountain range considered sacred to the Lakota tribe which the United States took in 1876. "Members of the American Indian Movement led an occupation of the monument in 1971, naming it "Mount Crazy Horse"

  2. 17 miles (27km) from Mount Rushmore, a gigantic sculpture is being carved in the Black Hills, showing Native Chief Crazy Horse on his steed, pointing east. The contruction has started in 1948 and will take another 50 years to be completed.

  3. The sculptor of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Gutzon Borglum, planned to make a secret room behind the hairline of Abraham Lincoln which was supposed to be a doorway to a chamber originally intended to hold some of America's most treasured documents but was left unfinished due to his death.

  4. There is a secret room inside Lincoln's head in Mount Rushmore that was meant to be a vault of American history but was never finished by Rushmore's sculptor because he died before it could be completed. More than 50 years later, it was partially completed by 4 generations of his family.

  5. There's a hidden room behind Lincoln's hairline at Mount Rushmore. The artist wanted it to be his own special signature on the monument, a room where visitors could learn about American history and a place to display busts of famous Americans and key documents like the Constitution.

  6. Behind Lincoln's head on Mount Rushmore there's a Hall of Records with 16 porcelain plates describing the U.S.'s history. They're kept in a teak box inside a titanium vault.

  7. There's a hidden room behind Lincoln's head on Mount Rushmore

  8. The amount of time it would take Mount Rushmore to erode into unrecognizability (assuming that it is not maintained) is approximately 7.2 million years.

  9. Mount Rushmore was originally supposed to depict each president from head to waist, but lack of funding forced construction to end early

  10. The sculptor of Mount Rushmore, Gutzon Borglum, was a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan.

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A German power washing company donates its cleaning services to monuments around the world, including Christ the Redeemer, the Seattle Space Needle, and Mount Rushmore. Besides being a nice philanthropic venture, this has helped them develop new techniques as they work on abnormal monuments. - source

Mount Rushmore was supposed to be a head-to-waist sculpture, but funding was cancelled mid-project. - source

The Mount Rushmore monument was meant to be a full body sculpture, but due to unsufficient funds they were forced to stop early.

Mount Rushmore is controversial because the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868) granted ownership of the site to the Lakota tribe forever - source

When mount rushmore was built?

The work of the president's faces part of the sculpture began in 1934 and was finished in 1939.

How mount rushmore was built?

Mount Rushmore faces southeast so that it gets the most sun exposure.

Approximately 3 million people visit the memorial each year.

There's a secret room inside Mount Rushmore that stores important US documents.

Mount Rushmore was originally supposed to be the president's from head to waist but due to lack of funding they stopped construction

Crazy Horse Mountain, a memorial similar to Mount Rushmore, is being carved to honor North American Indians.

When was mount rushmore completed?

90% of Mount Rushmore was carved using dynamite. During 14 years of construction, not a single fatality.

Tucked inside Lincoln's frontal lobe in Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota is a secret, inaccessible-to-the-public chamber. The vault was designed by the monument's sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, who envisioned it as a room dedicated to the history of the United States.

The US awarded the Sioux $102 million for taking their land to build Mount Rushmore. But the Sioux didn’t want the money; they wanted their land back. The money has sat in trust accounts, accumulating interest. Today about $1 billion waits untouched in accounts at the Department of the Treasury.

It is sits at 5,745 feet above sea level.

The sculptor of Mount Rushmore was a high ranking Ku Klux Klan member

How mount rushmore was carved?

Gutzon Borglum died in March of 1941. His son Lincoln continued to work on the memorial until October of 1941, when funding ran out.

Construction began in 1927.

The faces of the former presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are depicted on Mount Rushmore.

In 1936, Congress considered adding Susan B. Anthony to Mount Rushmore. Even Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a letter to the sculptor requesting it.

If the carvings were life-sized, the presidents would be 465 feet tall.

They had to remove more than 800 million pounds of stone to create the memorial. Nobody died during the carving of Mount Rushmore but there were a few injuries.

There is a small titanium vault inside of Mount Rushmore describing the origins of the monument and some history on the United States

The screenwriter Ernest Lehman tried to scale the faces but was not successful. He was in the process of writing Alfred Hitchcock's movie North by Northwest when he made his attempt. The movie features several shots of Mount Rushmore as well as a fight scene across the faces.

90% of the memorial was carved with strategically placed dynamite. The other 10% was completed with air hammers.

Approximately one inch of the memorial will be lost due to erosion in 10,000 years.

Mount Rushmore was designed to contain an entablature, a Louisiana Purchase-shaped timeline of historic US events carved next to the presidential portraits.

Originally Robinson wanted the faces of Buffalo Bill, Red Cloud and Lewis and Clark, but it was decided the president's faces would be better.

Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota is a carved granite memorial to former U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt. The carving was done in the side of Mount Rushmore. Work began in 1927 and was completed 14 years later.

It cost approximately 9.9 million to build/carve Mount Rushmore.

The historian Doane Robinson first conceived the idea of carving the images of famous people into rock faces. The idea was supposed to help promote the region's tourism.

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