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Behind Lincoln's head on Mount Rushmore there's a Hall of Records with 16 porcelain plates describing the U.S.'s history. They're kept in a teak box inside a titanium vault.

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There is a hidden "Hall of Records" carved into Mount Rushmore that contains 16 porcelain enamel tablets describing the project and a short US history. They are kept in a teakwood box, sealed inside a titanium vault.

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  1. There is a secret Scientology vault in the middle of New Mexico that houses the works of L Ron Hubbard encased in titanium so that when the Earth is wiped out by a nuclear holocaust, his works will be able to be easily located by space travelers (reincarnated Scientologists).

  2. There's a hidden chamber behind Lincoln's face on Mt. Rushmore that entombs copies of a number of important US documents in a massive titanium vault.

  3. There is a small titanium vault inside of Mount Rushmore describing the origins of the monument and some history on the United States

  4. There is a chamber behind the heads of Mt. Rushmore containing 16 porcelain panels with the text from the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, among others. They are in a titanium vault sealed behind a 1,200-pound granite stone.

  5. About the Hidden Hall of Records inside Mount Rushmore where porcelain enamel copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are locked in a titanium vault

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