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The first responders to accidents in high speed motorcycle races in Northern Ireland are motorcycle doctors. They travel at speeds upwards of 180mph to get to the scene.

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John Hinds. A doctor who would provide urgent care to crash victims in high-speed motorcycle events, racing through the track at similar speeds to those who crashed. He passed away in 2015 when he crashed in route to an accident.

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  1. Australia had chariot races in the 1930s but instead of horses, they used motorcycles

  2. In 1939, Major League pitcher, Bob Feller, tested the speed of his pitches by throwing them against a racing motorcycle before radar guns were invented.

  3. In Motorcycle Road Racing (i.e. Isle of Man TT) the paramedics ride superbikes too, following the racers, to be as fast as possible on the crash scene

  4. In the 1930s in Australia, people used to have chariot races but with motorcycles instead of horses

  5. After the Olympics Jesse Owens was still struggling for money and often raced against horses, motorcycles and dogs for money. Owens response when asked about these races was, "I had four gold medals, but you can"t eat four gold medals."

  6. The Cotswold Olimpick Games; a public celebration of games and sports beginning in the 17th century in the Cotswolds, England. The Games are still held to this day, with events including tug-of-war, shin kicking, motorcycle racing, piano smashing, judo and poetry.

  7. Motorcycle chariot racing was a popular form of 'sport' in the 1920's and 30's

  8. Guy Martin, best known for his motorcycle racing (17 podiums at Isle of Man TT's), over 1 million book sales, multiple Guinness world record holder and who has raised 10's of thousands of pounds for charity; still works as a lorry mechanic doing servicing and MOT work for a haulage company.

  9. The deadly Isle of Man TT motorcycle race where there has been a rider killed every year since 2001 and 245 since the race began in 1911

  10. In 1989, motorcycle racer Virginio Ferrari stopped racing and attempted to revive a mortally wounded competitor. He'd done a similar act after another fatal crash in 1984

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British engineer Beatrice Shilling, who designed "Miss Shilling's Orifice", a stopper in early Spitfire engines that prevented engines from flooding during barrel rolls (and she raced motorcycles and was altogether pretty bad ass.)

During the 1920's and 30's in Europe, Australia, and the US motorcycle chariot racing was invented. This was achieved by attaching the motorcycles to a chariot like one would a horse, and even using reins or extensions for the throttle and handlebars. - source

There is something called Isles of Man TT Races. The oldest race in motorcycle history. It is considered to be one of the hardest and most daring races still allowed. Motorcycles racing on public roads... - source

Keith Flint of The Prodigy has his own motorcycle racing team that won three Isle of Man TT races in 2015 and competes in the British Supersport Championship.

In the 1910s-30s, car and motorcycles raced on board tracks: banked up to 60 degrees and made of raw wood. Many drivers and spectators died, some of large splinters. - source

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Ross Langlitz. A guy who lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident at the age of seventeen, who went on to ride and race more and create a leather company.

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A motorcycle race called the Isle of Man TT. Since 1907, 246 racers have been killed on the course, which runs through the countryside and city.

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is perhaps the most dangerous race on earth, with 242 deaths in its 107 years of existence; And is still one of the most followed motorcycle event.

Legendary motorcycle road racer Robert Dunlop was killed in a practice session at the 2008 North West 200, his youngest son Michael decided to still compete in the races and won his first and only race to date there.

How to ride this dangerously fast racing motorcycle 0-60 in 3 seconds

About side-car motorcycle racing, where pilot and co-pilot risk life and limb on specially designed super cycles around road tracks.

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The Bosozoku Dont Just Race Their Motorcycles, They Also Rap With Them.

The 1900 Olympics, in which men competed nude, included gold medals for ballooning, motorcycle racing and croquet. It was the only Olympics to feature athletes shooting live animals.

Motorcycle Chariot racing was a badass sport that peaked around the 1920s-1930s.

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