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May Bradford, a Red Cross volunteer during WWI who wrote over 25,000 letters and notes, an average of 12 a day, for wounded soldiers who were too ill or too uneducated to write to their family. She also sat with the injured and dying and considered herself to be a surrogate mother to them.

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In May 1991, Freddie Mercury started recording vocals for "Mother Love", but upon reaching the last verse, he told his band that he had to "have a rest" and that he would return to finish it. He didn't end up making it to the studio, eventually succumbing to AIDS. Brian May sang the final verse.

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  1. On May 25th, 2015 a man discovered an orphaned baby moose in Yellowstone National Park in Montana. When he reported the calf to local authorities they shot the baby and blew up the carcasses of it, it's dead mother and sibling to prevent grizzly bears from being drawn to the area.

  2. Young giraffes can moo. Even though adult giraffes do not often make noise audible to human ears, a baby giraffe may "moo," especially if it is in a stressful situation. The sound is very similar to a young calf calling out to its mother.

  3. When mothers do not give their infants enough affection, the child may develop "avoidant attachment". They disguise their deep sense of emptiness by being emotionally distant towards others, having a high sense of self-worth and by showing little to no reaction to pain or trauma

  4. If the mother releases one egg and becomes pregnant and then releases another egg within 24 days she may become pregnant again with a second baby at the same time. Although the babies will be a different age they are usually born at the same time. This is referred to as superfetation. It is possible for the babies to have different fathers in this situation.

  5. Female gives birth to 4 to 9 babies (kits or cubs) from April to May, after gestation period of 31 to 32 days. Babies are naked, blind and helpless at birth. Only mother takes care of the babies. Young animals will start independent life 6 weeks after birth. Groundhogs reach sexual maturity at the age of two years and produce one litter per year.

  6. In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked both ‘Mother's Day" and ‘the second Sunday in May". She also created Mother's Day International Association.

  7. Women of the Islam faith wear head-covering hijabs to dress modestly to follow Allah's decree. The Virgin May, Mother Teresa, and Catholic nuns have also worn the same head-covering hijab.

  8. Mother's Day in Mexico is a set date of May 10th every year, unlike most other countries where it lands on a sunday. Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate today.

  9. In the Marvel Comics Comic 'Trouble', it was revealed that Aunt May was secretly Peter's Mother

  10. That, in addition to being Mother's Day, May 10th is also Clean Up Your Room Day

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It is believed that the micronutrient choline, which is found in pork, may help to boost a baby's intelligence if the mother consumes it while she is pregnant.

About a condition known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome. As the result of miscarriage, the fetal tissue of one twin may be absorbed by the other twin, the placenta, or the mother. - source

Some mother cats will shorten her kittens' whiskers. "Possible behavioural explanations include the inhibition of the kittens' tactile perception, which may cause the litter to remain close to the nest." - source

Most sharks are ovoviviparous,meaning meaning that the eggs hatch in the oviduct within the mother's body and once born, they are fully independent and will swim away from the mother who may eat them.

Galina Jovovich, mother of famous actress and model Milla Jovovich, while living in the Soviet Union, was blackmailed by the KGB to break up with Bogić Jovović, Milla's father, because he was a foreigner. Had she succumbed to the pressure, Milla may have never been born. - source

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In 2011, Elon Musk's 63-year-old mother Maye Musk posed nude on the Vanity Fair cover for a story about middle-aged women giving birth

Some believe that Ted Bundy's real father may have been his own grandfather who was abusive to his mother.

In May 1972, two of Bob Marley's sons (Robert and Rohan) were born just 3 days apart to different mother's. Their brother, Steven, was born just one month before to Bob Marley's wife, Rita. Many of Bob Marley's children were in utero at the same time.

Roux is flour and fat cooked together and used to thicken sauces. The fat is butter in French cuisine, but may be lard or vegetable oil in other cuisines. The roux is used in three of the mother sauces of classical French cooking: béchamel sauce, velouté sauce, and espagnole sauce.

In Saudi Arabia, if an abortion is performed on a woman for any reason other than a grave danger to the life or health of the mother, the violator may be required to pay blood money to the fetus' family.

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A mother's milk may contain different levels of nutrients depending on the sex of her baby to meet different growth needs.

Queen Victoria of the UK may have been illegitimate. Her mother was close to John Conroy, and many believed that they were lovers. Hemophilia appeared in Victoria's descendants but was not found in her ancestry, while porphyria, another genetic disease, disappeared from her descendants.

Mothers and fetuses of opposing Rh factors may identify each other as foreign objects and attack the other via antibodies, and if certain shots designed to protect against incompatibility issues are not administered the fetus may be at risk of serious disease or death

It is not known for certain who Cleopatra's mother was, although she may have been Cleopatra V Tryphaina's daughter.

Homosexuality might be caused by the mother's immune system---which may mistake male-specific proteins on the Y chromosome as pathogens and "attack" them, leading to developmental quirks

It is believed that the Zika virus may also be spread from an infected male after two weeks of infection to a female, which means it could result in infection to a baby when the mother has never been bitten by an infected mosquito.

Sigmund Freud may have developed the theory of Oedipus Complex because he had a wet-nurse; modern psychologists believe the intimacy of nursing instills an innate incest taboo between mother and child that Freud did not share

Elon Musk's mother, Maye, is a 67-year-old model who appeared in Beyonce’s music video “Haunted" and spoofed the iconic photo shoot in which Demi Moore posed naked while pregnant

On May 14, 1998, Nancy Sinatra was home watching the Seinfeld finale episode along with millions of other Americans. Despite being 5 blocks away, she missed being with her father as he died that night. Her step-mother, in attendance at the hospital, never called.

Shakespeare may have created the first 'yo mama' joke in his play Titus Andronicus. "Villain, what hast thou done" "that which thou canst not undo" "thou has undone our mother" "Villian, I have done thy mother!"

Babies develop the ability to hear in utero. They aren't just familiar with the sound of their mothers' voices. They can pick out some of the distinctive patterns of their mother's native language, and they may even mimic these patterns when they cry.

Pedro Alonzo Lopez, rapist and murderer of 300+ young girls in northern South America was definitely NOT killed by police or a mob after his release from custody. He made his way back to his mother, and sold all her worldly goods. He may still be alive today.

86% of mothers hold their babies on their left side, and that right side holding may be a symptom of Postpartum Depression.

Condoleezza Rice's mother, Angelina, taught baseball legend Willie Mays.

Mother's Day was founded in Grafton, West Virginia on May 10th, 1908

Babies may practice crying in the womb. Researchers have videos of 3rd-trimester fetuses that appear to be silently crying in response to being startled by noises played on the mother's abdomen.

Brian May sings the last line of the Queen song Mother Love, as Freddie Mercury died before he could finish it.

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