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There's a planet called HD 189733b where it rains molten glass, sideways, at 7000km/h

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Dropping molten glass into cold water produces a tadpole-like shape whose head can withstand hammer blows, but which explodes violently if it's tail is damaged

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  1. Planet HD 189733b, where it constantly rains molten glass of over 1500°F horizontally in 6000kmph winds

  2. Modern flat glass is created by floating molten glass over molten tin. This is what gives glass its uniform, smooth surface.

  3. The Prince Rupert's Drop, created by dripping molten glass into cold water. Capable of shattering bullets on impact and withstanding the blow of a hammer, this "glass droplet" is characterized by its incredibly high residual stress.

  4. Planet Kepler 7b has clouds made of silica particles, so it rains molten liquid glass.

  5. Fiberglass was invented in 1932 when a researcher at Owens-Illinois accidentally directed a jet of compressed air at a stream of molten glass and produced fibers.

  6. There's a planet called HD 189733b where it rains molten glass, sideways, at 7000km/h

  7. A glass bead created by dripping molten glass into cold water (Prince Rupert's Drop) can withstand the pressures of a hammer and or bullets from a gun

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Glass fiber can be produced from a volcano. Pele's hair, named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, is a glass fiber formed through the stretching of molten basaltic glass from lava. - source

About Prince Rupert's Drops - When drops of molten glass hit water they form a unique structure with massive internal tension. This tension makes the head stronger than steel, but can also make the entire drop explode if nicked.

Molten glass is floated on top of molten tin for flatness. Hence the name "float glass". - source

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A drop of molten glass, plunged into a bucket of water, forms a tadpole-like structure that is harder than steel ... but explodes when you break the tail; the Prince Rupert's Drop.

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About Prince Rupert drops, Made from molten glass these drops are stronger than tempered glass and steel. Yet by breaking off the tail will shatter instantaneously

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