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Preventing an abort of the Apollo 11 mission has been attributed to the work of Margaret Hamilton, the lead flight software designer for Project Apollo. She was 31 when the lunar module landed on the moon, running her code, and is credited for coining the term “software engineering.”

how big was the apollo 11 lunar module?

The most isolated human being ever was Al Worden, command module pilot of Apollo 15, who in lunar orbit was at a maximum distance of 2,235 miles from his fellow astronauts on the surface. While on the other side of the Moon, no communication with Earth or his comrades was possible.

What happened to apollo 13 lunar module?

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what happened to the apollo 11 lunar module?

  1. NASA management was so worried Apollo 10 astronauts would land on the moon against orders, they shorted them on fuel so they could only descend the lunar module to the panned 16km lunar altitude.

  2. The fabric and wood pieces from the Wright Brothers airplane were flown on the Apollo 11 mission and were in the lunar module Eagle that landed on the Moon with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr.

  3. A Dairy Queen in Franklin, PA, has one of only four surviving Apollo command module boilerplates displayed in it's front yard.

  4. After Lunar Module saved astronauts on Apollo 13 mission, it's company sent a bill for $312,421.24 for towing services (as a joke) to company who made malfunctioned service module, and they in response declined payment stating last 3 times they carried Lunar Module for free.

  5. The American flag planted on the moon by the crew of Apollo 11 was blown over by the exhaust of the Lunar Module when taking off

  6. The Apollo 10 lunar module was jettisoned and is currently in orbit around the sun. It's exact location is unknown but a group of amateur astronomers have been looking for it since 2011.

  7. A small town in Kansas has one of the largest space museums in the world, including Liberty Bell 7, the Apollo 13 command module, the Gemini X spacecraft, Vostok and Voshkod spacecraft, an SR-71, Nazi V1 and V2 weapons, and several full-scale launch rockets

  8. The Apollo 10 lunar module is 100% intact and orbiting the sun.

  9. The Apollo Lunar Module engines used fuel so caustic that they had to be completely rebuilt after each firing, so they couldn't be tested prior to launch. They had to be perfect, and work the first time.

  10. During first lunar landing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were literally lost for the duration of being on the Moon. Neither NASA nor Michael Collins from Columbia module orbiting the Moon were able to locate the landed Apollo 11 for 22 hours it remained on the surface.

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What happened to the apollo 11 service module?

Why was the apollo 13 command module called the odyssey?

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On April 20, 1972 Apollo 16 landed safely on Moon after a seven hour engine crisis. Eighteen days later (and after returning to Earth) the ground servicing equipment being used on the command module exploded sending 46 people to the hospital, and shattering 40 windows in the hangar.

The American flag planted on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission was a nylon flag purchased for $5.50 from a government catalog, was reportedly knocked over by exhaust as the lunar module took off, and is theorized to have been disintegrated by sunlight and space radiation. - source

The tower on top of the Apollo spacecraft contained a launch escape system, which could eject the crew module safely away from an imminent rocket explosion. The tower contained a solid-fueled rocket and used the craft's parachutes to get the crew to safety. - source

The United States Postal Service trucks and the Apollo 16 Lunar Landing Module were manufactured by the same company.

The Apollo 13 re-entry sequence left the instrumentation module until the end to save power. The astronauts had to perform each step of the entire sequence with no errors, without any feedback on whether the step was successful or did anything at all. They did it perfectly. - source

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The some of the highest heart rates recorded during the Apollo missions didn't come from launch, but instead from exiting the Lunar Module thanks to some design flaws

How big was the apollo command module?

When an oxygen tank aboard the Apollo 13's service module exploded en route to the moon, they had to slingshot all the way around the far side, some 254 kilometers above the moon's surface. This makes it the furthest humans have ever travelled from earth, at a little over 400,000 km.

The NASA engineer who devised the scheme to rewire the batteries in the Apollo 13 module got the idea from a movie he had seen the day of the spacecraft accident. A movie in which three astronauts are stranded in space in a crippled spacecraft.

There was a third astronaut with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission, Michael Collins, who stayed back on Apollo 11 (orbiting the moon) while Neil and Buzz took the lunar module and made history on the moon’s surface.

There was a mysterious floating piece of poop in the Command Module cockpit of the Apollo 10 mission to the Moon, with it's origin unclear.

NASA based the shape of Apollo reentry modules on Australites - bodies formed during asteroid impacts

When was the apollo lunar module made?

The ascent stage of Apollo 10s Lunar Module, "Snoopy", was pushed into a heliocentric orbit and is still out there orbiting the sun to this day.

Apollo 13's command module manufacturer was billed $400k in towing fees by the lunar module manufacturer

To capture that video of the lunar module leaving the moon at the end of the Apollo mission, they left a camera on the rover and an operator at mission control would command the camera to tilt up as the module ascended

Apollo 11 astronauts had difficulty squeezing through the Lunar Module's hatch with their life support backpacks on. A redesign of the craft to make the hatch smaller had not included a redesign of the backpack, so some of the highest astronaut heart rates occurred during egress and ingress.

After the Apollo 13 failure, Grumman Aerospace (makers of the lunar module) sent North American Rockwell (makers of the command and service module) an invoice for $312,421.24 for towing the service module. Rockwell replied that they had not received payment for ferrying the previous LMs.

How was the apollo 11 lunar module nicknamed?

Grumman, a leading 20th century U.S. producer of military and civilian aircraft, after producing the Apollo Lunar Module and F-14 Tomcat aircraft, built the LLV, a postal truck.

The Apollo Command Module actually does a skip on re-entry rather than plummet straight through the atmosphere.

A small ceramic wafer was secretly attached to the landing module of Apollo 12. The wafer is the moon's first art museum, containing artworks by six prominent artists. One of them resembles a penis and was drawn by Andy Warhol.

The first hybrid vehicle was sold in 1900, invented by Ferdinand Porsche. It's design was studied by NASA and Boeing to create the Apollo program's lunar rover module

Grumman, responsible for manufacturing the LEM used in the Apollo 13 mission, sent to Rockwell, manufacturers of the service and command modules used in the same mission, a bill for towing in the amount of $312,421.24

Following Apollo 13's splashdown, Grumman Aerospace, designer of the Lunar Module, issued a joking $400k invoice to the contractors of the CSM for towing it 400,000 mi., battery charging, and for, "an additional guest in the room." Grumman gave them a 2% discount should they pay in cash.

The ascent module of Apollo 10 was sent into an orbit around the sun and is still up there somewhere.

The memory module for the Apollo Guidance Computer was actually 'programmed' by being physically woven together by female factory workers.

The Lunar Module on Apollo 10 was code named Snoopy and would report back to the Command Module nicknamed Charlie Brown.

Edwin Link, the Father of Flight Simulation, also developed the simulator for the lunar module of the Apollo mission.

The Apollo 10 lunar module was jettisoned and is currently in a heliocentric orbit. It is the last surviving lunar module that actually saw spaceflight. It's exact location is unknown, as it wasn't tracked after 1969.

In 1971 the Apollo 15 descent module piloted by David Scott and James Irwin had landed on the rim of a crater at an eleven degree angle. The limit for a safe ascent from the moon was twelve degrees.

The Command Module of Apollo 10 was named 'Charlie Brown' and the Lunar Module 'Snoopy' after the famous Peanuts characters.

the Saturn V rocket that launched the Apollo missions to the Moon had it's own, triple redundant, guidance computer in the third stage, separate from the Apollo Guidance Computer in the Command Module.

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