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About Ten Cent Beer Night, a MLB promotion on June, 4, 1974, between the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers, at Cleveland Stadium, leading to a riot between the teams and fans. Cleveland’s manager sent his team on to the field, with bats, in order to protect the Texas team from drunken fans.

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Many MLB managers yell random things at umpires during "arguments" (such as complaining about wine they had an Italian restaurant or how bad their team is) in order to fire up their team while not getting thrown out of the game

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  1. Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald's founder Ray Kroc, donated over $1 billion to the Salvation Army. At one point, she tried to donate the Padres baseball team to San Diego, but the MLB rules forbid public ownership.

  2. Joel Youngblood is the only player in MLB to get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day.

  3. The MLB away uniforms are grey for a reason. At the turn of the century the away teams didn't normally have access to laundry facilities on the road, thus stains were not noticeable on the darker grey uniforms as opposed to the white uniforms worn by the home team.

  4. An 87-year old Grandmother didn't want to sell nor leave her 100-year old house so MLB baseball team owner could build a parking structure. The team owner offered to buy her a new house anywhere & financially support her for the rest of her life; which ended up being 6 weeks.

  5. Austin, Texas is the biggest city in the United States without a team in the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL despite being the 13th most populated city in the country.

  6. Columbus, Ohio has a larger population than Cincinnati and Cleveland combined and yet they have no NFL, NBA or MLB teams. Cleveland and Cincinnati have 5

  7. Homer Simpson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This was celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Season 2 episode of The Simpsons when 9 MLB players cameoed for Mr Burns softball team back in season 2, 1991.

  8. Apple has so much money that they could buy every single NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team and still have over $65 billion left

  9. Yankees Stadium has flags for every baseball team in the MLB around the perimeter ordered by their standings in the division; their placement is changed each time the standings change.

  10. Tampa Bay Rays scout Fernando Arango urged his team to draft Albert Pujols as he fell through the rounds in the 1999 MLB draft. He quit his job when the team failed to draft the slugger...who was then picked by St. Louis in the 13th round and became the best hitter in baseball for a decade.

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mlb teams fact data chart about The average NBA team is now worth more than the average MLB
The average NBA team is now worth more than the average MLB team

mlb teams fact data chart about The combined faces of the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team, 2018 seas
The combined faces of the Tampa Bay Rays MLB team, 2018 season

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During Super Bowl XLVII, two brothers were the head coaches of the opposing teams. It was the first time this happened in the Super Bowl (and in the NBA, MLB or NHL), and also the first time in any post-season game for all four major professional sports.

Glenn Burke was the first and only MLB player to come out as gay to teammates and team owners during his professional career and the first to publicly acknowledge it. Burke said "By 1978 I think everybody knew" and he was "sure his teammates didn't care." - source

Babe Ruth badly wanted to Manage an MLB team after retiring as a player and was denied due to the image he created of himself for his off-field exploits. Being one of the original five members inducted to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1936, the other four received offers to manage/coach a team. - source

Until recently a couple made the schedule for every MLB baseball team and game for over two decades by hand on their kitchen table.

Arizonan Larry Naman was so incensed over tax money being used to construct Chase Field, home of MLB team the Arizona Diamondbacks, that he shot County Supervisor Mary Wilcox. 20 year later, Naman showed up once again to protest NBA's Suns taxpayer funded arena-in front of Wilcox - source

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Before the 1978 MLB All Star Game, Pete Rose and the National League All-Star team psyched out the American Leaguers by using Japanese baseballs during batting practice. Smaller than regulation baseballs, they traveled farther making it easy for the NL to hit homer after homer.

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The Worcester Worcesters, an MLB team that existed in the National League from 1880-1882, and folded because the town in which it was based (Worcester, Massachusetts) was deemed too small for a professional sports team. Their spot was taken by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Wrigley Field, Chicago was the last baseball stadium to get floodlights. The Cubs first night game was on August 8, 1988. Every other MLB baseball team had hosted night games since 1935.

That, in MLB, the home team decided whether to bat first or second - until 1950!

The MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA make merch for both potential championship teams, and used to require the destruction of incorrect mech. For two decades, the leagues have since changed their ways and have worked with humanitarian orgs to donate the incorrect merch to third world countries.

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by 4 teams in 3 Major League Sports coming out of college in 1973 (MLB: Padres, NBA: Hawks, ABA: Stars, NFL: Vikings)

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Age, Service Time, Salary, and Projected WAR for the 2019 MLB Season - League-Wide & Team-by-Team

mlb teams fact infographic about MLB Baseball : Homeruns and Number of Teams By Year

MLB Baseball : Homeruns and Number of Teams By Year

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Of the jersey numbers 1 to 50, only #38 and #48 have not been retired by any MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL team.

No Canadian team has won a major sports league's (MLB, NHL, NBA) championship game since 1993, and that, since then, Canadian sports teams have played 189 seasons cumulatively without a championship.

Every baseball used in the MLB is rubbed with mud that comes from a secret spot in South Jersey off the Delaware River. They skim the top inch layer on the muddy riverbanks for collection and then puts the mud through screens to refine it before packaging it and shipping it to the teams in MLB.

In the names of the MLB teams 'White Sox' and 'Red Sox', the word 'sox' is not an abbreviation for 'socks', but instead, is actually a shortening of the word 'stockings', which was the full word used in the teams' original names.

Lyman Bostock (a promising young MLB player) after signing a big contract tried returning his first month's salary to the team because he was playing so poorly. They rejected it, so he donated it to charity.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the first expansion team in 50 years in the big-4 pro sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) to reach a league championship in their first season, and they could make history by becoming the first such team to win a championship.

There have been 5 MLB no-hitters thrown but the pitcher and team still lost the game.

MLB player-turned-spy Moe Berg was sent to Japan in 1934 Japan as part of a traveling major league All-Star team. The home movies of the Tokyo skyline that he took on the trip were used in the planning of the Doolittle Raid.

Former MLB outfielder Johnny Damon is half Thai and played for the Thailand national baseball team

Will Farrell played for ten teams throughout MLB spring training, and is releasing baseball cards.

Sports Illustrated created a fiction Mets Baseball pitcher for their 1985 April 1st issue. The player went to Harvard, learned yoga in Tibet, and could throw 168 mph. Upon releasing the article, other teams GMs called Commissioner of the MLB to ask how his batters could face the pitcher safely.

San Diego State University's basketball team record for most assists in one season and a career is held by San Diego Padres legend and MLB Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn

MLB All-Star Jose Canseco has an identical twin brother named Ozzie. For a time they played on the same team where they were known to fans as "Hose A" and "Hose B"

Canada has a team(s) in MLB, NHL, and NBA, but none in NFL because they have their own football league

There is another professional baseball league (other than MLB) in North America. Winnipeg has a "Pro-Baseball team", meaning the Blue Jays are not the only pro Baseball team in Canada.

The first woman ever drafted to a MLB team was Carey Schueler by the Chicago White Sox in 1993.

In 2014, MLB veteran Jeff Francoeur was signed to a Minor League deal with the Padres, and was convinced by the team that pitcher Jorge Reyes was deaf. They kept up the bit for months before telling him.

Octavio Dotel, who played for an MLB record 13 different teams over his 15 years in the league.

All teams in the Big Four (NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB), the Canadiens are the only club to post a winning record against every single team it has faced

Nintendo has held part ownership in the MLB team, the Seattle Mariners, since 1992

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