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There's a place in the Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo. It s so far from land, the nearest humans are often astronauts. The ISS orbits the Earth at a maximum of 258 miles (416km). Meanwhile the nearest inhabited landmass to Point Nemo is over 1,670 miles (2,700km) away.

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When ships pass through Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean, the nearest land mass is 1677 (2,700 kms) miles away. This means that at certain times of the day, the nearest humans are on the international space station (ISS) 258 miles (416 kms) up.

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  1. While exploring South Dakota in 1822, Hugh Glass was left for dead after being mauled by a grizzly bear. He later awoke, set his broken leg, laid upon a rotting log to let maggots eat his gangrenous flesh, and crawled 200 miles to the nearest settlement, living off berries and roots.

  2. The most remote inhabited island is Tristan da Cunha and is 1200 miles from the nearest civilization.

  3. If the Sun was a grain of sand, and the Earth a microscopic speck one inch away, then Jupiter would lie 5.2 inches away, the nearest star would be about 4.3 miles away, and the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy itself would be about 100,000 miles.

  4. Hugh Glass was attacked by a bear, had his leg broken and ribs exposed, was left for dead by his companions who thought he was dead, treated his injuries, and crawled over 200 miles for six weeks back to the nearest settlement, and then set out to find the men who left him to die.

  5. A man, instructed by the “holy spirit”, spent 32 days answering more than 500 calls at the Mojave Phone Booth, located 8 miles from the nearest paved road and 15 from the nearest numbered highway. These calls included several from someone who ID themselves as "Sergeant Zeno from the Pentagon"

  6. England’s famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 was not actually fought at Hastings. It occurred in an area called Battle, about 7 miles away. Because ‘Battle of Battle’ was such an awful title, they instead named it after the nearest town.

  7. If the Earth were the size of a grain of sand, the Sun would be the size of a golf ball, and the nearest star would be over 750 miles away.

  8. A phone booth which stood in the Mojave Desert for over 50 years, 8 miles from the nearest road. It was set up in 1948 to provide service to local miners.

  9. While many people may think of Bermuda as being a Caribbean Island, it is much closer to Canada than Puerto Rico (990 miles) and is considered a North Atlantic Island. It's nearest landmass is North Carolina. (Only 640 miles)

  10. The Atchleys are a family in Alaska who have lived in isolation for 18 years, 200 miles from the nearest town

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People nearest to the eruption of Mount St. Helens did not hear the blast because of the way sound reacts to topography, temperature, and wind. The sound *was* heard 200 miles away in Canada.

The most isolated tree in the world is on Campbell Island; it was planted in 1907 and the nearest tree is 200 miles away on the Auckland Islands - source

There is a fur-trapper/hunter (Heimo Korth) who lives with his Eskimo wife in the middle of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 100 miles from the next nearest human. - source

The worlds most isolated tree (250 miles to the nearest tree) was hit and killed by a drunk driver. It was replaced with a metal sculpture to represent the tree.

Point Nemo is the farthest one can get from dry land. It is 1,450 nautical miles from the nearest landfall. - source

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Assuming you could shrink our Sun to the size of a basketball, and the galaxy to the same scale: If it were placed on Space Mountain in Disney World Orlando, FL, the nearest star (Alpha Centari) would be another basketball at Space Mountain in Disneyland in Pasedena, CA 2,500 miles away

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The tallest structure in South America is the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory which reaches a height of 1,066ft. It stands deep in the jungle, over 100 miles from the nearest city, and is used to gather data on heat, water, carbon gas, winds, cloud formation and weather patterns.

The Lykov family, who lived completely isolated in the Siberian taiga for 42 years, with no human contact from 1936 to 1978. The last surviving Lykov continues to live 160 miles from the nearest settlement to this day.

There's a town in California where most residents use electric golf carts to get around because the nearest gas station is 20 miles away.

The only incorporated territory of the United States is Palmyra Atoll, an unoccupied 5 sq. mile piece of land 3400 miles from its nearest continent that is subject to all provisions of the U.S. Constitution and is permanently under American sovereignty.

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The Tree of Ténéré was the most isolated tree in the world. Until it was hit by a drunk driver in 1973. The next nearest tree was 250 miles away.

A journalist is walking from Africa to South America. Every 100 miles he takes a picture of the ground and sky, ambient sound, and a interview with the nearest person.

As of 2009 you are never more than 147 miles by car from the nearest McDonald's in the US

Former president John. F Kennedy, after his patrol boat was rammed in WWII, swam over three miles to the nearest island while pulling an injured crewmate with his teeth.

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