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Michelin Stars, awarded to fine restaurants, are indeed awarded by Michelin Tire Co. They started in 1900 to promote restaurants worth traveling to... and therefore increasing tire sales.

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The prestigious Michelin Star, an award that the worlds best chefs work their lives to attain, is awarded by Michelin Tires. For over 100 years, it's all been part of an advertising campaign to sell tires.

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  1. When France's Michelin tire company published its first restaurant guide, there were only 3,000 cars on the road in all of France, and the guide was meant to be an attempt from Michelin to get people to travel more so that they would eventually come around to needing to buy more tires.

  2. The prestigious Michelin Guide for restaurants is put out by Michelin the tire company and was started in 1889 (current Star system added in 1920s) to promote the travel of motorists leading to more tire sales

  3. The Michelin stars restaurants receive are based off of whether you would travel a long distance to eat there, and that it started as a marketing ploy by Michelin tires in the 1900's

  4. The founding brothers of Michelin tires started the Michelin Guide in 1900 when they decided that a ratings guide (Michelin Stars) for hotels and restaurants would compel the limited number of drivers to use up their tires and subsequently buy more.

  5. In the 2005 Formula One United States Grand Prix, 14 of the 20 cars quit the race after the formation lap out of protest since their Michelin tires were found unsafe for the final turn.

  6. Michelin Stars evolved from a strategy by The Michelin tire company to recommend good restaurants so people would drive more and buy more tires.

  7. The Michelin star rating system for restaurants was started by the Michelin tire company to encourage people in France to drive long distances to reach top rated restaurants, and therefore increase tire wear and demand for new tires.

  8. The Michelin tire company is the same Michelin that issues Michelin stars to restaurants and hotels.

  9. The same Michelin tire company, is the same company that gives awards to restaurants. IE Michelin stars

  10. The MICHELIN guide that awards MICHELIN stars to restaurants was created by the brothers that started the Michelin tire company. The guide was a originally way maps to gas stations and other useful information. It evolved into a guide for restaurants that would hand out stars.

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The Michelin brothers started rating restaurants so people would use their tires faster

The official mascot of Michelin Tire Company is named Bibendum, and is considered one of the world's oldest mascots. - source

There is a medical condition called "Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome" where babies look like.... (you guessed it) the Michelin man - source

In 2011 LEGO produced 381 million tires, more than twice as many as any of the other tire companies, including Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear.

The Michelin Tires and Michelin Stars are the same company. They were created by the Michelin brothers as a way for the elite to make their journey 'worth the trip' and to secure the future of the automotive industry. - source

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Michelin Stars, the prestigious restaurant rating system which is desired by chefs around the globe, are awarded by Michelin Tires the car tire company.

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The tires used on the Space Shuttle were made by Michelin and underwent so much stress during landing could only be used once.

The Michelin star-rating system for restaurants was invented by the tire company as a way to encourage people to take road trips.

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Michelin tires and Michelin restaurant reviews are the same Michelin

The Michelin Star Guide system started as a way to promote the use of cars (and tires, by extension) in France

The The Caterpillar 797 needs 6 Michelin 59/80R63 XDR tires costing approximately US$42,500 per tire.

The Michelin Tire company gives out a coveted restaurant award because they were the first Yelp. (2:10-4:10 for relevant clip.)

The tire company Michelin is actually behind the Michelin star restaurant ratings.

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The company that awards Michelin stars to the world's best restaurants is the same tire company with the product mascot the Michelin Man.

The legendary Michelin Guide, know for it's classification of the most elite restaurants world-wide, is operated by the same Michelin as the tire company and Michelin Man

Michelin patented the radial tire in 1946, but an American citizen patented them first in 1915 (over 100 years ago)

In 1916, Michelin paved the very first runway, among many other firsts and innovations, like the first air tires, too.

The record for the world's largest tire manufacturer isn't held by Michelin or Goodyear. It has been held by LEGO Group since 2012.

Michelin stars are from the same company that makes tires aswell

The Michelin Guide was created to sell tires and was requested by Allied troops for D-Day.

There is a rare genetic disorder called Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome that causes babies to look like the Michelin Man

Why a tire manufacturing company (Michelin) is associated with rating top notch restaurants

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