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A huge block of marble lay neglected in a Florence churchyard for 25 years after two sculptors had already tried and failed to turn it into a sculpture. Michelangelo took the deteriorated marble and created the Statue of David.

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The block Michelangelo carved David out of posed several problems. Called “the Giant,” it had been quarried 40 years earlier and had started to weather from the elements. Worse, other sculptors had tried roughing out a basic shape but given up midway. The final sculpture thus befits its name.

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  1. In ancient Greece having a second toe that is longer than the big toe was considered a standard of beauty. This condition, today known as Greek Foot, is depicted in many famous statues, such as Michelangelo's David and the Statue of Liberty.

  2. The Michelangelo's 'David' was made from a single, 6 ton piece of marble that was twice discarded by other sculptors. Also, he is left-handed...

  3. Michelangelo’s “David” was sculpted to depict the Biblical story of David vs Goliath, and that “David’s” disproportionately small penis is the result of intense fear.

  4. The Statue of David by Michelangelo is 17ft tall

  5. David, Michelangelo's sculpture, stands 17 feet in height. Its marble was restored between 2003-2004 and given a special wing in the Accademia Gallery, called the Tribuna del David.

  6. The most famous work of art in Accademia Gallery is Michelangelo's David. The statue was created in 1501 - 1504 from one single marble block. Originally David had been installed at Palazzo Vecchio but it was moved to the Accademia Gallery in 1873 to protect it from the weather.

  7. For one day in 2010, a fiberglass replica of Michelangelo's David was installed on the roofline of the Florence Cathedral so that it could be seen the way that the people who commissioned it originally intended.

  8. In 1499 Michelangelo returned to Florence, and was asked by the Guild of Wool to complete a project that had been started 40 years before by Agostino di Duccio. It was marble statue that he completed in 1504 called the Statue of David. The statue was meant to be a symbol of Florentine freedom. The Statue of David is now located in the Academia.

  9. Accademia Gallery is one museum that recommends buying a ticket ahead of time. This can help avoid waiting lines, but it can also help avoid not being able to get in at all. Michelangelo's David is extremely popular with tourists.

  10. The ground floor of the Accademia Gallery includes the Galleria dei Prigioni (Prisoner's Gallery) which houses Michelangelo's Prisoners, and Tribuna del David which houses Michelangelo's David.

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Michelangelo's David is inaccurate because the statue is uncircumcised. This is in violation of Jewish practice.

Michelangelo's Statue of David and in fact most of his other statues have disproportionate size of head and hands compared to the rest of the body because they were built to be placed at the top of the cathedrals, hence they were meant to be viewed from below. - source

Michelangelo created masterpieces like David after first creating a series of rough models out of other materials like wax, clay and terrocatta, presenting those models to his patron, and then finally using sketches on marble to recreate the models to achieve the finished product - source

Michelangelo’s “David” is over 16 feet tall

In 1991 the 500 year old statue of "David" by Michelangelo was assaulted by a man with a hammer, resulting in one of the statue's feet being damaged. - source

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On 14 September 1991, when a deranged man attacked the statue David by Michelangelo with a hammer, damaging the toes of the left foot, scientists collected samples and determined that the marble used was obtained from the Fantiscritti quarries in Miseglia.

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Leonardo da Vinci "sampled" Michelangelo's David in a proposed fountain for the governor of Milan.

Concordia University's full scale replica of Michelangelo's David was destroyed by accident. Not removed by prudes as is thought by many.

Cellini's statue of Perseus with the Head of Medusa was placed in Florence facing Michelangelo's statue of David. Since David is facing Medusa's head, he turns to stone. This symbolized the Medici family regaining power over the Republic of Florence, which the David was a symbol for.

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