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After Wolfgang Von Trips' death at the 1961 Italian Grand Prix, his go kart track was bought by Rolf Schumacher, whose sons made their first laps there. One of them, Michael, later became the first German to win a full-length grand prix since Von Trips' win at Aintree in 1961.

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Racecar Driver Michael Schumacher Received His Own Private Island from Prince of Dubai as a Retirement Gift.

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  1. Michael Schumacher, a famous race car driver, once took over for his taxi driver when he was late for a flight.

  2. Formula One driver Michael Schumacher was on the podium for every race in the 2002 season, including 11 victories. He broke the record for most podiums in a single racing season.

  3. At the end of the 2002 F1 US Grand Prix race leader Michael Schumacher slowed down in order to create an artificial photo finish between him and his Ferrari teammate Barrichello, who had let Schumacher pass in an earlier race. Barichello won the race by 0.011 seconds, the closest ever F1 finish.

  4. Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher was once late to a flight with his family and asked the taxi driver to let him drive instead, the driver allowed and reported "I was the co-pilot and it was incredible. He made incredible passes and high speed turns."

  5. The heir to the Habsburg Monarchy / the House of Habsburg currently competes in Formula 3 against (amongst others) Michael Schumacher's son, Mick.

  6. Michael Schumacher won the '98 british grand prix in the pit lane

  7. Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher is alive but his current condition is unknown. In 2013, he suffered a serious brain injury in a skiing accident.

  8. Michael Schumacher won the 1998 British Grand Prix while in the pits.

  9. Retired F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher is reportedly paralyzed from a skiing accident that occurred in 2013.

  10. Michael Schumacher was once running late for a flight, so he asked a taxi driver for his keys and drove the taxi himself

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