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Maurice Ward invented a material called Starlite, which could withstand temperatures over 10,000 C. Ward was so protective of his formula that he took it to his grave in 2011 and scientists still do not know the composition of the material.

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An English inventor named Maurice Ward (1933-2011) invented a thermal shielding material called Starlite which was able to withstand extreme heat (10000 degrees C), but never revealed its composition in fear of reverse engineering and losing control of rights to the material.

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  1. Maurice Ward invented StartLite (an amazing thermal product) and died without ever sharing the formula. You can make it at home with Elmers glue, baking soda and corn starch.

  2. Maurice Ward, an English hairdresser and amateur scientist invented a plastic known as "starlite" which could withstand and insulate extreme heat. He refused to reveal the manufacturing process and after dying in 2011, no one except his immediate family knows the formula

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