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After writing Rhapsody in Blue, George Gershwin applied to study under Maurice Ravel and was rejected. Ravel replied, "Why become a second-rate Ravel when you're already a first-rate Gershwin?"

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The tam-tam was included in orchestra pieces such as Gustav Mahler's 6th Symphony (1906), Maurice Ravel's La Valse (1920), Alban Berg's Violin concerto (1935), and Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures of an Exhibition (1874).

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  1. French composer Maurice Ravel (widely known for "The Bolero") wrote a piano concerto for the left hand for a concert pianist who had lost his right arm in the First World War

  2. The composer Maurice Ravel was a stringent critic of his most known work, Boléro, and called it "A piece lasting seventeen minutes and consisting wholly of "orchestral tissue without music"".

  3. The title of one of Maurice Ravel's most famous works, Pavane pour une infante défunte, has nothing to do with the composition. He simply like the sound of those words and put them there.

  4. Having an obsessive interest in Boléro, a one-movement orchestral piece composed by Maurice Ravel in 1928, is a sign that you could have Primary Progressive Aphasia.

  5. The main theme of The Legend of Zelda was initially planned to be Maurice Ravel's Boléro, however, having learned that the copyright had yet to expire, Koji Kondo wrote a new arrangement of the overworld theme within one day.

  6. Researches believe that Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" and its repetitive nature may have been a sign of a debilitating form of dementia that he suffered from later in life.

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