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In 1795, as Composer Joseph Haydn conducted the premiere of his 102nd symphony, the audience pressed forward out of their seats to get a closer look. Moments later, a chandelier crashed to the floor where the seats had emptied, killing no one and giving this piece the name “The Miracle”.

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Joseph Haydn, a classical music composer, wrote a musical piece in which the musicians gradually leave the stage until 2 violins are left in the end

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  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Joseph Haydn all used the triangle in compositions.

  2. Composer Joseph Haydn put in a single extremely loud chord in his Symphony No. 94 (Nicknamed "The Surprise Symphony") in order to wake up audience members who had fallen asleep during the performance.

  3. Joseph Haydn was a mentor to both Mozart and Beethoven

  4. Composer Joseph Haydn's tomb contains two skulls

  5. The MP3 compression standard was designed around 3 tracks - Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, a Joseph Haydn Trumpet concerto

  6. About Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 96, which during his performance a chandelier fell and could have injured the crowd. Reportedly the audience was so perplexed by this symphony that they all crowded around the stage resulting in no one being injured, and the piece being nicknamed "the miracle".

  7. The melody to the German national anthem was composed by the Austrian Joseph Haydn for the birthday of the future Austrian Emperor Francis II.

  8. During the last performance of The Creation that Joseph Haydn attended [ in 1808, just a year before he died ] the audience broke into spontaneous applause at the coming of "Light" and Haydn, in a typical gesture, weakly pointed upwards and said: "Not from me—everything comes from up there!".

  9. The skull of legendary composer Joseph Haydn was stolen by grave robbers hoping to uncover the secrets of his musical genius through the art of phrenology.

  10. The German national antheme waa composed by Joseph Haydn, one of the most influentials composers of all time.

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