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In addition to the video games produced by Pokémon there are also Pokémon trading card games, manga series, animated TV shows, many movies, and even soundtracks to movies released around the world.

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A Japanese Biochemistry professor made a MANGA guide to Biocheisty. And then I learned there's a whole series of such books: Algebra, Physiology... Hope it helps :)

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  1. Rumiko Takahashi, creator of the famous manga series Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha, is the best selling female comics artist in history, worldwide.

  2. Marie from The Aristocats is so popular in Japan that she has her own manga series

  3. The 1960/70's Manga series "Ashita no Joe" was so popular, that when one of the lead characters was killed off, a real life funeral was held attended by over 700 fans

  4. Manga Kenkanryu, a Japanese comic series about Japanese young people who form a group critical of Korea, debating a pro-Korea Group, and humiliating them

  5. The manga series Golgo 13. It started in 1968 and is currently the oldest manga that is still in publication.

  6. Japanese manga One Piece has a record for the most printed comic series by one author ever

  7. While writing the manga Naruto, Kishimoto met Eiichiro Oda, author of One piece who he considered his rival. When Naruto ended, Oda left a message in the series' final volume acknowledging him as a rival. According to Kishimoto "That felt so gratifying."

  8. Disney's Lion King is a rip-off of a Japanese manga series "Kimba, The White Lion."

  9. The video game series Demon/Dark Souls is partially inspired by the manga Berserk. A story of revenge in a dark fantasy setting.

  10. The controversy around The Lion King and it's similarities to a Japanese Manga Series "Kimba the White Lion" - What shocked me was just how similar they really are yet not lawsuit was made

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Death Note(manga/anime/musical/tv/movies/LNs),a series about killing people via notebooks, has lead to real world murders,suicides and copycat killers including the infamous "Manga Killer" who dismembered his victims& left a note made from manga cuttings.

There is a manga based on the book series and television show "Gossip Girl" - source

There is a four-part manga series based on the bilateral defense treaty between Japan and America. It was financed by the US Armed Forces and the protagonist's name is a play on the words "USA" and "G.I." ("usagi"="bunny"). This is where your tax dollars go. - source

In 2007 the first story arc of the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's was adapted into a film, it made several changes to the plot and cut out key characters and was so poorly received that series creator Hirohiko Araki forbade it from ever being released on DVD

The life story of Carlos Ghosn(Present Renault CEO and former Nissan CEO) was turned into a superhero comic book series in Japan, titled The True Story of Carlos Ghosn, in the manga comic book Big Comic Superior. The series was published as a book in 2002. - source

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Akira-the Japanese manga series by Katsuhiro Otomo-inspired the hit science fiction action film The Matrix (1999)

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There is a 24-volume manga series about playing and beating opponents in bowling

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