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Pulitzer prize winner Art Spiegelman, author of the Holocaust graphic-novel Maus designed the original run of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards

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Cartoonist & Holocaust survivor Art Spiegleman, writer and illustrator of Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel 'Maus', also created gross-out trading cards "Garbage Pail Kids".

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  1. Art Spiegelman, author of the critically-acclaimed graphic novel MAUS, also had a hand in creating the Garbage Pail Kids.

  2. Art Spiegelman's work "Maus" is dedicated to his daughter Nadja. She is a writer and launched Resist! - a publication of political comics and graphics by mostly female artists

  3. Art Spiegelman, author/artist of the classic graphic novel Maus, a book about a Polish Jew during the Holocaust, also created the Garbage Pail Kids.

  4. Art Spiegelman, creator of the graphic novel Maus, was also a co-inventor of Garbage Pail Kids

  5. The author of the Pulitzer Prize winning Holocaust graphic novel "Maus" created the Garbage Pail Kids Trading cards

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