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Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball avoided using ethnic jokes, as well as humour based on physical handicaps or mental disabilities during the run of "I Love Lucy" due to a belief in "basic good taste"

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On her 56th birthday, Carol Burnette woke up to news that her friend and mentor Lucille Ball had died. Flowers arrived later with a note that said "Happy Birthday, Kid. Love Lucy".

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  1. After NBC rejected the first pilot of Star Trek, Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy Fame used her clout to convince NBC to give Gene Roddenberry a second chance.

  2. Lucille Ball's production company, Desilu, produced the original Star Trek TV series, and Lucy herself approved the development of the Star Trek concept into a series

  3. Lucille Ball owned Desilu Productions and was told the two most expensive shows were “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek,” so they have to go.’ But she said, ‘No, I like ‘em!’ And they said, ‘They cost too much!’ And she said, ‘But I like ‘em!’ So they left them.”

  4. Lucille Ball funded the pilot of Star Trek against the wishes of her board of directors. If not for her, there would be no Star Trek.

  5. Lucille Ball was questioned for being part of the Communist party. When asked about signing a petition to take the Criminal Syndicalism Act of the statutes off of the state of California she asked to see her own signature and was told it was destroyed.

  6. When it was suggested that Lucille Ball's pregnancy be written into the show "I Love Lucy," the episodes that were written had to be approved by a priest, a minister, and a rabbi in order for the executives to allow for the episodes to be produced.

  7. A Lucille Ball statue has to be replaced as it was terrifying local children

  8. After NBC rejected the first pilot of Star Trek, Lucille Ball (from I Love Lucy) convinced NBC to give Gene Roddenberry's show a chance.

  9. Lucille Ball saved Star Trek from being cancelled in 1964.

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Lucille Ball was a registered member of the Communist Party - source

A comedian did come close to actually dying on stage. Harry Einstein, father of Albert Brooks and Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne), finished his monologue at a roast for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and quickly developed heart problems. Doctors worked on him backstage but he died hours later - source

Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Arthur Miller, Lena Horne, and many others in Hollywood were targeted by McCarthyism.

There would be no Star Trek without Lucille Ball - source

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We would not have Star Trek without Lucille Ball getting a divorce, getting Desilu Productions and Greenlighting the show.

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There is a statue of Lucille Ball that is so scary, a city in New York in replacing it

Lucille Ball would send birthday flowers each year to her close friend Carol Burnett. The last delivery arrived on Carol's 56th birthday, hours after Lucy had died.

The model for The Cars album Candy-O was also named Candy, and had once played Lucille Ball's onscreen daughter on The Lucy Show

Comedian Albert Brooks's real name is Albert Einstein. His father was radio comedian Parkyakarkas, who died on stage at a roast for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

After Star Trek had gone several years without making it onto TV, the company Desilu Productions decided to give it a chance and created a pilot. Thanks to Lucille Ball we have Star Trek.

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The song "We Need a Little Christmas" was originally performed by Angela Lansbury in 1966 in the Broadway musical Mame. Despite winning a Tony, she was replaced in the movie by Lucille Ball, who can't sing.

Lucille Ball is the reason we have Star Trek. Just one more reason I Love Lucy.

Lucille Ball threw herself in front of limo when she got fired from her first job.

Arnold Schwarzenegger acted with Lucille Ball in a 1974 TV movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger once did a scene with Lucille Ball.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lucille Ball appeared on the same show together

At the roast of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Albert Brooks' father died on stage. When Milton Berle asked if there was a doctor in the house, everyone just laughed.

Lucille Ball overheard a secret underground Japanese radio transmission during WWII while in California with the fillings in her mouth acting as a signal receiver.

Lucille Ball went to drama school with Bette Davis

Lucille Ball hoarded pencils all throughout her life because she could not afford them as a child.

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