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Genius mathematician, philosopher and logician Kurt Gödel eventually starved to death, after his wife was hospitalised and he did not trust eating food prepared by anyone else

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Kurt Gödel, a mathematician, logician, and philosopher often compared to Aristotle, who was so afraid of being poisoned the he would only eat food his wife cooked. When his wife had to be hospitalized for 6 months, he refused to eat and died of starvation in 1978.

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  1. Logician Kurt Gödel was so paranoid of being poisoned that he only ate food that his wife prepared. When she was hospitalized for six months, Gödel died of starvation.

  2. Kurt Gödel (one of the greatest Logicians / Mathematicians, ever) starved to death because he couldn't 'know' if his food was poisoned or not.

  3. Kurt Gödel who, at the age of only 25 in 1931, paradoxically completed two theorems of incompleteness. Gödels theorems ironically established him as one of the greatest logicians since Aristotle.

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