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The human eye is capable of seeing some ultra-violet light but it is filtered out by the lenses in our eye. Painter Claude Monet had that lens removed due to cataracts and may have been able to see ultra-violet in his right eye.

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Humans have the ability to see ultraviolet (UV) light, but it is filtered by the eye's lens. People who have surgery to remove the lens (typically because of cataracts) can see UV light.

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  1. A Dutch door is a door divided horizontally in such a fashion that the bottom half may remain shut while the top half opens. The initial purpose of this door was to keep animals out of farmhouses, or keep children inside, while allowing light and air to filter through the open top.

  2. Humans can gain the ability to see ultraviolet light. We simply have a layer in our eyes which filters it out. Individuals who suffered eye damage from disease, injury or surgery have sometimes gained the ability to distinguish ultraviolet light.

  3. There is no scientific backing to blue light filters helping you sleep.

  4. Apples in Tibet turn purple due to the lower temper and the higher UV light.(less UV is filtered out because of the thinner atmosphere) They’re called Black diamond apples.

  5. As we age our eye lens become yellow and filter out blue lights

  6. An algae scrubber is a water filtering device which uses light to grow algae. They have allowed saltwater and freshwater aquarium and pond hobbyists the ability to operate their tanks the way that oceans and lakes operate: using natural filtration in the form of primary production

  7. The human eye has the ability to see UV light, but it is filtered out by the lens of the eye.

  8. Light can be filtered with magnets using the Faraday Effect (.pdf)

  9. Some fish have skin made up of alternating layers of guanine crystals & cytoplasm. This means that unpolarized light is reflected, but also that more light is reflected, a useful adaptation for an animal that uses its silvery shimmer to hide in light filtering down from the surface.

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Every image that comes from the Hubble is a composite of several different black and white images from light sensitive instruments that are put together with filters of different colors.

Solar filters for telescopes work by reflecting away most of the light and heat before it gets into the tube. Only 1/100,000th or a millionth of the light actually passes through. Aluminized Mylar is the most common material, though metal-on-glass filters are also popular - source

Veins appear blue due to light wavelengths being filtered differently by the skin. - source

Humans have the ability to see ultraviolet light, but it is filtered by the eye's lens. People who have surgery to remove the lens (typically because of cataracts) can see UV light.

Bobtail squids have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria, which inhabit a special light organ in the squid's mantle. The organ contains filters which may alter the wavelength of luminescence closer to that of downwelling moonlight and starlight. - source

Water is split when light energy is absorbed?

"Solar Demi," a man in the Philippines who lights up the homes in his village using "solar light bulbs" which he makes out of old soda bottles, filtered water, and a little bleach.

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The city of San Jose CA uses special street lights that only emit one wavelength of light, so that it can be easily filtered out by the nearby observatory.

Adding extra polarizing filters at angles less than 45 degrees to the next filter will increase how much light gets through the filters

You can spot camouflaged caterpillars using different color light filters

Blue light exposure from devices during the evening can disrupt circadian rhythm and cause various health effects including a disruption in normal sleep schedules, so I turned on Blue Light Filter on both my phone and PC and feel much better working with them :)

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Blue light filter apps. The high temperature of blue light has been scientifically proven to damage your eyes more than other colours and inhibits melatonin, which disrupts sleep. Using such apps can help towards a good night's sleep.

The iPhone back camera filters out infrared light. However, the selfie camera does not filter it.

Our brains color correct the world when it's filtered through different light, through a process called "color constancy" (Remember "The Dress"?)

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