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Russia uses North Korean slaves in Siberian labor camps. Most slaves are unaware that they are no longer in Korea.

how many labor camps were there?

Scientology ran a forced child labor camp in Austrailia

What happened to most workers in forced labor camps?

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  1. Volkswagen used slave labor from Nazi concentration camps to produce their cars during the war.

  2. Gulag is actually an acronym of "Glavnoye Upravleniye LAGerej" or "Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Settlements"

  3. Because Western music were so hard to come by in Soviet Russia, a counter culture known as the “stilyagi” began developing bootleg vinyl records from X-rays—also known as “bones”—that they would then sell on the black market. Getting caught with one resulted in 3-5 years in a hard labor camp.

  4. Mao Zedong started a program to encourage people to criticize the government, and then punished those that did, even putting some into labor camps.

  5. Concentration camps were built to hold prisoners who performed slave labor until they died. They often died from exhaustion and disease.

  6. Overnight from November 9th to the 10th, 1938, the Nazis burned synagogues, destroyed Jewish-owned businesses and attacked Jews. This night was called ‘Night of Broken Glass". On this night around 30,000 Jews were arrested and then sent to concentration or labor camps.

  7. While serving time in a labor camp Clyde cut off two toes not knowing he was soon to be released. A few days later he was released due to his mother's coaxing to a judge.

  8. Dachau was originally intended to house communists, anarchists, and other political prisoners for forced labor, but as the war dragged on more and more Jews were sent to the camp.

  9. The Soviet forced labor camps were little more than concentration camps for ethnic Germans. The camps had very high mortality rates.

  10. The Colorado Coalfield War, when a camp of striking miners and their families were massacred, sparking a conflict resulting in revised labor laws in the US

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Mao Zedong set up many labor camps in China, where millions were sent, and many died.

During the Nazi regime, Bayer utilized slave labor from concentration camps to work in their factories. - source

Unfortunately Braun's rocket facility used slave labor from the near-by concentration camp and it is claimed that visited it frequently and was aware of the brutality and deaths.

Russia has North Korean labor camps built to make workers think they're still in North Korea.

Originally Oskar Schindler hired Jewish employees in his enamelware factory because they were considered cheap labor. As time went on he began to hire even unskilled Jewish labor to protect them from murder and torture in concentration camps run by the Nazis.

When were forced labor camps invented?

The Cultural Revolution resulted once again in executions and labor camps for those who dared disagree with Mao Zedong.

How many labor camps are in north korea?

The prisoners in concentration camps were forced to do hard labor with very little food, no mattresses or pillows and often three to a wood bunk.

There's a maternity hospital in China that lets expecting dads experience labor pains. The 'Pain Experience Camp’ offers fathers-to-be the chance to experience the pain of childbirth by giving them electric shocks through special pads placed on their bellies.

Scientology in Australia has a child labor camp

North Korea has labor camps within Russia.

In 1938, Comcast co-founder Daniel Aaron's family fled Nazi Germany after his father was imprisoned, and in 1939, his parents committed suicide within a month of each other. Then, in 1944, he was drafted and deployed back to Germany during the slave laborers' liberation from concentration camps.

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North Korea has a series of concentration camps that it sends "politically unreliable" citizens to, and tortures them and their family (via starvation and extreme labor conditions) for three generations.

Shin Sang-ok, a South Korean movie producer, and his wife had an unbelievable life story. They were kidnapped by North Korea, tried to escape twice but failed, were put in separate labor camps for years, reunited in a dinner party, and finally made an escape (involving a taxi chase) in Vienna.

Rumors spread across labor camps in the Soviet Union that injecting crows blood would result in a hallucinogen-like high.

During WW2, 10 Soviet prisoners lead by a fighter pilot managed to escape from a German labor camp by overpowering their guards and hijacking a bomber. The NKVD didn't believe their story and the crew was forced into a Penal Battalion.

Canada put Ukrainians into hard-labor concentration camps, and used them to build national parks.

How many forced labor camps were there?

After WWII the Soviet Union deported German citizens and German POW's from East Germany to forced labor camps as reparations for Nazi War Crimes

The 'Bitch Wars', soviet labor camp disputes involving returning WWII veterans. Criminals who offered to fight in exchange for a lowering of their sentence were treated the same as snitches, for cooperating with the government.

From Internment Camp to Labor Camp | Seabrook Farms in New Jersey

China has been caring out the genocide of a religious minority called Falun Gong for over a decade. They're doing things like sending them to forced labor camps, murdering them behind closed doors without trial, and stealing their organs

Israel imprisoned Palestinians in concentration and labor camps between 1948 and 1955

American POWs were transported to forced labor camps aboard "hell ships", known for horrible conditions: "The prisoners had been so crowded... that they couldn't even get air to breathe. They went crazy, cut and bit each other through the arms and legs and sucked their blood."

North Korea is outsourcing its forced labor camps to work in Siberia.

UNESCO lists Japanese forced labor camps as world heritage sites

In Nazi Germany the SS would assign prisoners to supervise forced labor or carry out administrative tasks in the camp. This way the SS could keep the labor camps running, minimizing the costs.

Cuba had labor camps for people that could not be drafted, like homosexuals. Upon hearing on the mistreatments inflicted there Fidel Castro infiltrated one and slipped into a bed. In the morning as he was about to be beaten he revealed himself to the guard and had all the camps closed.

Nazi POWs were sent to labor camps in America. The combined size of the camps is 30x larger than Guatanamo Bay.

There is a 22 year old University of Virginia student currently incarcerated in a North Korean labor camp

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