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Koalas have one of the smallest brains in proportion to body weight of any mammal. They are so dumb, that when presented with leaves on a flat surface instead of on branches, they are unable to recognize them as food and will not eat them.

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About the Australian hoax "drop bears" intended to frighten outsiders and tourists by convincing them that some treetops were inhabited by sharp-toothed flesh-eating koala that could drop down from great heights (8 + meters) and attack.

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  1. The word Koala means "no water". They hardly drink and get most of the water they need from the leaves they eat.

  2. Out of 700 different types of eucalyptus, koalas eat only 50 types.

  3. They are nocturnal animals and they eat 1.1-2.2 pounds of leaves each night.

  4. Baby koalas have to eat their mother's feces for the first few months of their lives. This is due to the fact that they cannot fully digest and break down the toxins in eucalyptus leaves at a young age.

  5. The young of elephants, giant pandas, koalas, and hippos eat the faeces of their mothers or other animals in the herd to obtain the bacteria required to properly digest vegetation found on their ecosystems

  6. Baby koalas eat their mom's poo because eucalyptus includes toxins that baby koalas can't digest and mom's poo provides necessary microbes that helps baby koala to digest eucalyptus.

  7. Infant koalas eat their mothers feces to become immune to the chemicals in the eucalyptus plant

  8. Koalas spend 99% of their time eating and sleeping, the other 1% is spent searching for a mate, where they wander around aimlessly until they find one. If they don't find one eventually they give up and just go back to sleep

  9. Koalas developed a very direct form of parent-to-offspring faecal transplant. The mother secretes a liquid called ‘pap’ from her anus, which is like a regurgitate in the sense that it is a pre-digested eucalyptus puree. The baby Koala then eats it.

  10. Baby koalas eat their mothers "fecal pap", a soft, partially digested eucalyptus goo from the mothers anus as they cannot digest the leaves.

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Why koalas eat eucalyptus?

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Soon after they are born, baby koalas eat predigested eucalyptus(pap) directly from the mother's anus

Koalas Only Eat Fewer Than 50 of the 700 Species Of Eucalyptus - source

Baby Koala's eat their mothers poop, called pap, so that they can eat Eucalyptus after they adapt to a bacteria. - source

They have poor eyesight, but excellent sense of smell, which helps them find type of eucalyptus they like to eat.

Baby koalas will eat their mother's poop to build up sufficient microflora in their digestive systems - source

What happens when koalas eat eucalyptus?

Baby koala's eat their mother's poop to (possibly) help prepare the baby koala's stomach prepare for it's eucalyptus diet.

How much do koalas eat?

Baby koalas eat their own mothers' poo. A specially made, creamy, extra "wet" kind of poo, called pap.

Baby koalas eat their mothers' feces to prepare for the digestion of eucalyptus leaves

Adult koalas have no natural predators because their diet consists of poisons like cynide, making them toxic to eat.

Baby koalas eat a special substance called pap from their mother's anus, which provides them with the bacteria needed to digest eucalyptus safely.

Koala's are so stupid that not only do they eat only eucalyptus leaves, which have almost no nutrional value, but if you take a eucalyptus leaf off the tree and place it in front of a koala the koala will not eat it

When do koalas eat?

It is not legal to eat koala meat, because they are listed as a vulnerable species.

Koalas are so adorably stupid that if you take a eucalyptus leaf off the tree and put it in front of them on a table, they won't eat the leaves: they can't tell it's food anymore.

To prepare for their future diet of hard to digest eucalyptus, baby koalas (joeys) eat from their mothers faecal pap. A mixture of predigested leaves and intestinal bacteria... Basically they eat a lot of crap.

Baby koalas need to eat poop to be able to eat eucalyptus.

How can koalas eat eucalyptus leaves?

Koalas only eat eucalyptus. Eucalytus is poisonous, even for koalas, thats why they have to sleep 18-22 hours a day.

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