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We kiss under the mistletoe to honour Balder, the Norse god, and brother of Thor.

how to kiss under the mistletoe?

We kiss under the mistletoe to honour Balder, the Norse God, and brother of Thor.

What does a kiss under the mistletoe mean?

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why do we kiss under mistletoe at christmas?

  1. Christmas tradition dictates that a man is allowed to kiss any woman standing underneath mistletoe and that bad luck will befall any woman who refuses the kiss. With each kiss a berry is to be plucked from the mistletoe and the kissing must stop after all the berries have been removed.

  2. Branches of mistletoe (hanged on the doors) were used against the witches and ghosts during the middle ages. Today, mistletoe represent inevitable part of Christmas decorations, especially in the USA. Romantic custom to kiss person caught under imela is few centuries old tradition which still lives in the USA.

  3. People kiss under mistletoe based on a variety of folklore from different cultures that is centered around the plant's magical powers to bring love & fertility

  4. To pluck a single berry from the mistletoe with each kiss and stop when the berries are gone.

  5. The original reason we kiss under mistletoe is to not die

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What does a kiss underneath the mistletoe mean?

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