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Half of European men share King Tut's DNA (haplogroup R1b1a2) as opposed to less than 1% of modern Egyptians. Its suggested that the common ancestor lived in the Caucasus about 9,500 years ago.

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King Tut had a club foot, feminine hips, an overbite. He had Kohler’s disease. DNA determine that Pharaoh's parents were undoubtedly brother and sister.

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  1. King Tut was so insignificant as a pharoh that the Egypyians forgot where they buried him and accidently built another tomb on top of his. That's why his wasn't looted like every other known pharoh's tomb.

  2. One of King Tut's dagger blades is made of a meteorite from outer space.

  3. King Tut's parents were probably brother and sister, and as a result he had a clubbed foot, wide hips, potbelly, female-like breasts, required a cane, and was prone to malarial infections

  4. King Tut had a Dagger Made from a Meteorite

  5. King Tut was mummified with an erection.

  6. King Tut's beard was broken off by museum workers, who glued it back on. The mistake wasn't discovered until months later.

  7. King Tut's penis was mummified while erect

  8. King Tut's dagger was forged from a meteorite.

  9. As early as 3,400 years ago, ancient Danes were being buried with Egyptian-made jewelry, including beads from the same workshop as King Tut's death mask. A researcher working on the beads believes that there might be a connection between Egyptian and ancient Nordic religion.

  10. Half of European men share King Tut's DNA

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DNA tests revealed that King Tut's parents were actually brother and sister.

The "curse of the pharaoh" theory in biology—that parasites and diseases that can lie dormant for longer tend to be more virulent—from the theory that some untimely deaths of persons involved in the excavation of King Tut's tomb could have been caused by a long-dormant pathogen - source

It is estimated that the iceberg that sank the Titanic started to develop during the reign of King Tut (1000 BC). - source

King Tut's tomb was actually found by the archaeologist's water boy.

Not only was King Tut a product of incest (his parents were either siblings or cousins) but he also married his half-sister. King Tut had many birth defects and they had two children, both of which were stillborn. - source

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King Tut's two stillborn daughters were preserved (mummified) and buried in his tomb as well in tiny coffins.

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His father died when he was only seven, and he became Pharaoh two years later when he married his sister. Marrying your sister was a normal thing in those days.

The man who discovered King Tut's tomb is the same guy that owned the Downton Abbey castle.

King Tut was about 5 feet 8 inches tall when he died. He was slim but well-nourished.

King Tut suffered from a myriad of health conditions bc his parents were brother and sister. He had a club foot, feminine hips, an overbite, pronounced breasts, and a rare genetic condition called Kohler’s disease. He was significantly deformed and led a life of intense physical suffering.

King Tut ruled for only about 10 years, from approximately 1333 BC to 1324 BC. He was the Pharaoh of Egypt.

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King Tut had a cleft lip, a clubfoot, suffered from malaria, and was a "proud product of the practice of royal sister–brother incest."

King Tut was mummified with an erect penis

King Tut's innermost coffin, (there were three) was made out of 110 kilos of solid gold and the scrap metal value alone is well over 5 million dollars.

Because he was so young, most of the decisions made during his rule were by Ay and Horemheb.

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"Milk Paint", a paint made from mixing milk, vinegar, and pigments, was used to paint the US white house, and King Tuts tomb.

The four rooms in King Tut's tomb include the Antechamber, the burial chamber, the annex and the treasury.

King Tut was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings, at Thebes which was the traditional burial place for the kings before him.

King Tut's successor was the vizier Ay, who had helped King Tut rule.

There were many valuable objects (approximately 3500) found in King Tut's tomb. Today they are on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

The Curse of Tutankhamun became famous when the financial supporter of Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon died seven weeks after the tomb was discovered. He was bitten by a mosquito on his cheek and it became infected and he died. When they removed King Tut's death mask, he too had a mark on the same spot on his cheek.

King Tut began his reign at the age of 9 and died at age 18

Because King Tut's body was so well-preserved, scientists have been able to learn a lot about him.

King Tut's Mask has a spell from chapter 151 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead carved into the back. This spell provides a road map to the afterlife and protects the pharaoh's limbs as he moved through the underworld.

When Lord Carnarvon died the lights went out in Cairo. His dog also dropped dead at the same time back in England.

King Tut's tomb was discovered on November 4th, 1922 by the Egyptologist Howard Carter.

The tomb of King Tut's mother was found as well. Because her true identity is not known 100%, she is now called "The Younger Lady".

King Tut spontaneously combusted in his sarcophagus. The linen and linseed oil he was wrapped in caught fire while drying, due to his hasty burial.

King Tut's tomb consisted of four main rooms filled with treasures. It was likely built for a nobleman and not King Tut, but because King Tut died so suddenly, they had to use what they had.

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