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William Shatner sold his kidney stone for US$25,000, which paid for the building of a house by Habitat for Humanity.

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Rollercoasters can cure kidney stones by "literally rattling the stone loose."

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  1. In 2008, melamine added to milk in China caused kidney stones in thousands of Chinese children. To show his confidence in Chinese dairy products, Peter Mandelson MP drank a glass of Chinese yoghurt in front of reporters. The following week, he was hospitalised for a kidney stone.

  2. If you have a kidney stone and you ride Disney's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad then you have a 70% chance at passing the kidney stone.

  3. A 2016 study found that the Thunder Mountain roller coaster at Disney World reliably makes people pass kidney stones.

  4. William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $25,000 to raise money for a housing charity

  5. Drinking beer reduces the chance of kidney stones among beverages the most (by 41%) while sugary colas increase the risk of kidney stones by 23%

  6. William Shatner sold his own kidney stone for $25,000 and donated the money to Habitat For Humanity.

  7. Airborne tablets have never been proven to improve your immune system, and may even cause kidney stones. In 2006, ABC News discovered that the "lab" that Airborne had hired to complete a study had not a single scientist or doctor on staff, and was actually just comprised of two men.

  8. Having sex 3-4 times/week increases the rates of expulsion of kidney stones and decreases the risk of renal colic.

  9. A health benefit of roller coasters is that the centripetal force can help pass kidney stones

  10. A of man named Jan de Doot, a Dutch blacksmith of the 17th century that performed surgery on himself to remove a kidney stone the size of a large egg.

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Simone Biles became the only woman to win All-Around Gold at Worlds 4 times, unveiled “The Biles” vault, and won medals on all events (4 Gold), WITH kidney stones last year.

Native Americans used inner bark of buttonbush to induce vomiting and cleansing of the body. Buttonbush was also used in treatment of kidney stones, sore eyes, rheumatism, headache, fever, bleeding, muscle inflammation and toothache.

Rollercoasters have been proven to help pass kidney stones. - source

Lychee is natural diuretic. It alleviates pain associated with kidney stones and reduces formation of blood cloths. Lychee can prevent development of breast cancer.

White snakeroot is used in folk medicine in treatment of fever, diarrhea and kidney stones. Poultices made of root can be used as first aid for the snakebites.

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Syrup made of fresh bilberries and honey was used in treatment of diarrhea during the 16th century in Europe. Berries were also used in treatment of scurvy (disorder induced by vitamin C deficiency), infections and kidney stones. Tea made of leaves was used in treatment of diabetes.

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Agrimony is often used in treatment of diarrhea, liver and gallbladder disorders, kidney stones, diabetes, sore throat, laryngitis, urinary disorders, insomnia, stress and to facilitate healing of the wounds (especially those that bleed).

People diagnosed with kidney stones should avoid consumption of vine spinach due to high content of oxalic acid in the leaves (it accumulates in the urinary tract in the form of oxalic crystals).

Honeysuckle was used in treatment of kidney stones, gout and liver disorders in the past.

Swiss chard is rich source of oxalic acid which reduces absorption of calcium and induces formation of crystals of calcium oxalates (type of kidney stones) in the urinary tract of susceptible individuals. Also, Swiss chard is not recommended for people on the anticoagulant therapy (because of the high level of vitamin K in the plant).

Kidney stones can grow until they fill up all the crevices in your kidneys and resemble deer antlers; they're called staghorn stones

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Ancient Romans used strawberries in treatment of melancholy, fever, kidney stones, inflammation, disorders of liver and spleen and many other diseases.

A man in his 50's was admitted to the hospital for kidney stones, only to find out he was actually intersex

William Shatner Sold his Kidney Stone for $75,000 in 2006, to the same buyer who bought a cheese sandwich that resembled the Virgin Mary for $28,000.

People diagnosed with renal disorders should avoid starfruit because it contains oxalic acid which facilitates formation of kidney stones.

An individual that is chronically dehydrated is more likely to develop kidney stones. Individuals with kidney stones who increase water intake can reduce the occurrence of stones in the future.

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In 2006 William Shatner auctioned off a kidney stone. The $25,000 it fetched was given to Habitat For Humanity.

In 2006, William Shatner sold his kidney stone for US$25,000

Some people may develop kidney stones after consumption of spinach due to high content of oxalic acid that can be found in this plant.

Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora, a colonial Mexican scientist (d. 1700), requested an autopsy in his will. He had a peach-sized kidney stone.

Animal studies showed that chemicals isolated from the root of young raspberries can prevent development of kidney stones.

All parts of goldenrods that grow above the ground have medical properties. Leaves and flowers are especially popular and often used in treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Besides that, goldenrods are used in treatment of internal bleeding, diabetes, hay fever, inflammation and indigestion.

Radish was used in treatment of kidney stones, intestinal parasites and bad skin in the Britain in the past.

Both inventors of calculus died "while suffering from calculi — a bladder stone for [Isaac] Newton, a kidney stone for [Gottfried Wilhem] Leibniz."

The reason kidney stones are so painful is because on a microscopic level they are covered in sharp, jagged edges

People diagnosed with kidney stones, arthritis and gout should avoid consumption of oxalis due to high content of oxalic acid.

Daisuke Enomoto was a Japanese space tourist who planned to dress as Char Aznable from the Gundam anime and build a Gundam model kit while on the ISS. His trip was canceled because of chronic kidney stones.

Fruit flies get kidney stones, yet aren't bothered by them. This may allow researchers to find novel ways of treating kidney stones in humans.

Common purslane can trigger miscarriage and it should be avoided during pregnancy. It is also not recommended for people diagnosed with kidney stones due to high content of oxalic acid in the leaves.

Riding a roller coaster can help you pass a kidney stone.

60% of kidney stones can be dislodged by riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The most effective carriage is the rear. (Yes, I was watching QI)

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