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In 1946, a black WWII veteran was taking a bus home in uniform, and asked the driver to stop for a bathroom break. The driver called the police, and the local chief of police arrested the man, beat him, and gouged out his eyes with a nightstick. The officer was acquitted by an all-white jury.

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A California Congressman once shot and killed a waiter, for being refused breakfast because it was too late in the morning. He was acquitted of manslaughter by a sympathetic jury.

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  1. Killing someone to prevent the theft of property is legal in Texas. A jury used that standard to acquit a man who shot a prostitute who ran away with his money in 2013.

  2. A Disneyland employee working as Winnie the Pooh went to court for slapping a child. After recess, the man returned in costume, jigged, and answered questions on the stand in full character. The jury acquitted him after seeing the costume's short arms disallowed slapping someone at child height.

  3. A man was sentenced to life without parole for accountability murder while the man he was charged for aiding was acquitted by a separate jury

  4. During Prohibition juries used Jury Nullification to acquit in up to 60% of cases, contributing to repealing Prohibition laws.

  5. Emmett Till, a 14 year old black teenager that was killed in 1955 for allegedly flirting with a white female. The murderers were acquitted in trial by an all-white jury.

  6. In 1734 New York's Governor William Cosby had John Peter Zenger charged with criminal libel, but Zenger was acquitted by a grand jury.

  7. In 1996 four British women totally demolished a Hawk fighter jet in England to prevent genocide. They were acquitted by the jury

  8. David Bain, a man accused and convicted of murdering his mother, father, and three younger siblings when he was 22. He was acquitted after a second trial in 2009 after having spent 13 years in prison. The retrial jury took less than a day to render Bain not guilty on all five counts.

  9. The trial was held in Sumner in September 1955. It lasted 5 days and the murderers were acquitted. The jury had been made up of white males only. No women or blacks had been allowed).

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On June 20th, the jury acquitted Lizzie Borden. The publicity surrounding the trial is similar to that which occurred in Bruno Hauptmann, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and OJ Simpson's trials.

John Wilson, Speaker of the Arkansas House. In 1837, he stabbed & killed another State Rep while the assembly was in session. After getting acquitted for murder, he took the jury out for drinks. A couple years later, he was re-elected to the House. - source

Anne Roche who in 1826, bathed four-year-old Michael Leahy, who was unable to speak or stand, three times in a river until he drowned. She swore that she was merely attempting to drive a fairy, out of him. A jury acquitted her of murder. - source

William Walker a US private citizen who raised private armies to invade Central American states. He was acquitted by an American jury in 1853 after unsuccessfully invading Mexico and latter when on to successfully invaded Nicaragua in 1856 becoming its president until his defeat in 1857.

The judge in the OJ Simpson robbery case held out the jury until Oct 3, the same date OJ was acquitted in his original murder case and sentenced him to 33 years in jail, the same amount the Goldman's had won in the civil suit ($33 million) - source

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When New Zealand privacy advocates invaded the Waihopai Station in 2008 to protest by breeching 3 fences then deflating the Kevlar bubbles shielding the surveillance satellite dishes, they defended it as a "claim of right" to save human lives. Their jury acquitted them on all charges.

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In United States v. Watts, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that a jury’s verdict of acquittal does not preclude a sentencing court from considering the acquitted conduct in sentencing the defendant

In 1984 a fire was started by arson at a haunted house attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure, killing 8 teenage visitors. Six Flags Great Adventure and its parent company Six Flags were indicted for aggravated manslaughter, but later acquitted by a jury

"Jury Nullification", which is when a jury acquits a defendant they believe may be guilty, but do not think the punishment fits the crime.

American juries can ignore a law and acquit the defendant in criminal cases regardless of how strong the prosecution's evidence is. This is known as "jury nullification" and the jurors can never be punished for the verdict they return.

The rhyme-as-reason effect, a cognitive bias where statements are more truthful, accurate, and memorable when they contain a rhyme. O.J. Simpson's lawyer used this to his advantage when he told the jury "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" during the trial.

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The Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr was acquitted twice by a jury of all wrongdoing in a hot dog throwing accident.

Despite having most of his former executives testify against him, former CEO Richard Scrushy got acquitted of fraud charges by donating and attending Black churches to influence the majority black jury at a Birmingham trial.

In the USA, if a jury finds you not guilty of 9 out of 10 charges, a judge can still sentence you on the basis that you really are guilty of all 10 crimes. Acquitted conduct sentencing. It's a thing.

John Butt, a gay man who was acquitted in 1860 Victoria for his crimes by a cosmopolitan jury.

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