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Joseph Kony, of KONY 2012 notoriety and responsible for child soldiers and sex slaves, is no longer sought after by the United States or Uganda Governments.

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Joseph Kony, the African Warlord from the famous Kony 2012 campaign, is still alive and at large.

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  1. The International criminal court devised a plan to recruit celebrities in order to arrest Ugnadan warlord Joseph Kony. The plan was for Angelina Jolie and Brand Pitt to travel to Uganda and lure him out of the Jungle, invite him to dinner and then arrest him. It didn't go through

  2. Joseph Kony, famed African war criminal of "Kony 2012" fame, is still at large. The Ugandan and U.S. governments ended their searches for him in April 2017.

  3. The International Criminal Court asked Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to help them capture Joseph Kony by luring Kony to dinner and then capturing him.

  4. The U.S has been looking for Joseph Kony for 6 years and finally gave up the search just a few days ago.

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