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Marlon Brando earned $3.7m and 11% of the profits for appearing in Superman (1978) as Jor El, while Christpher Reeves was paid $250k as Superman

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Patrick Wayne was cast as Superman, but dropped out when his father John Wayne was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds turned it down. Paul Newman was offered his choice of roles as Superman, Lex Luthor or Jor-El for $4 million, turning down all three roles.

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  1. Marlon Brando, while playing Jor-El in Superman: The Movie, came up with idea that Superman's iconic S was actually the symbol of the House of El. This idea became part of the Superman canon for years to come.

  2. Marlon Brando wanted to play the role of Jor El in Superman as a "green suitcase" or "a bagel"...

  3. In Superman/Batman #50 Batman's father and Superman's father met. Wayne convinced Jor-El that Earth was a good planet, leading him to eventually send his son there. And Krypton technology was used to start Wayne Enterprises, and ultimately, the technology in Batman's gadgets.

  4. In initial meetings between Alexander Salkind and Marlon Brando about Superman: The Movie, Brando suggested that Jor-El should appear in the movie as a suitcase or a green bagel.

  5. Before filming 'Superman', Marlon Brando wanted to portay Jor-El as "a bagel."

  6. Batman and Superman's fathers met via hologram, and that Thomas Wayne was the one who convinced Jor-El to send Superman to Earth.

  7. Muhammad Ali was one of DC's approved choices to portray Superman on film, and that Marlon Brando envisioned Jor-El as a "green suitcase or bagel" prior to portraying the character.

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