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In 2000 16-year-old Henry Cavill was an aspiring actor who had a chance encounter with Russell Crowe. Crowe sent him a gift box with a note saying "Dear Henry, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Russell." 13 years later, they starred together in “Man of Steel.”

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Henry Cavill almost missed the call for the role of Superman cause he was playing "World of Warcraft"

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  1. Henry Cavill refused to use steroids to muscle up for his Superman role in "Man of Steel". He believed that it would have been dishonest of him to use trickery while playing Superman, and he wanted to push his body to the limits, to develop his physique into one that was Superman-worthy.

  2. Henry Cavill was too busy playing World of Warcraft and missed a call for Superman

  3. Henry Cavill auditioned to play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, and Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, and lost both roles to Robert Pattinson, despite being Stephanie Meyer's first choice for Edward.

  4. Michael Caine, Mel Gibson, Sean Bean, Jackie Chan, Adam West, Henry Cavill, Burt Reynolds, Jim Carry, Clive Owen and Liam Neeson were all considered for the role of James Bond.

  5. For his role in Man of Steel, Henry Cavill insisted to keep his chest hair for the shirtless scenes, noting that Superman has chest hair, as seen in the Death of Superman story arch from the comics.

  6. Henry Cavill missed the call from Zack Syder for the Superman role because he was playing WOW

  7. The reason why Henry Cavill's mouth looks weird in Justice league is because when scenes for the movie were to be re-shot, he grew a mustache for his role in Mission: Impossible 6. Paramount forbade him from shaving it off, so CGI had to used in post-production to digitally remove the hair.

  8. In film, Superman has been played by George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, and Henry Cavill.

  9. Henry Cavill only has 43 lines in Batman v Superman

  10. Henry Cavill was once in talks for James Bond, Batman, and Superman in 2004. But he was 'too young' for Bond, and lost the roles to Batman and Superman. This led to Empire Magazine calling him 'the most unlucky man in Hollywood'.

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Henry Cavill mocks Justice League's CGI moustache removal

... Henry Cavill was the runner up for life changing acting roles 3 times before getting becoming the of Man of Steel. 2nd to Brandon Routh for Superman Returns, Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale and Christian Bale as Batman for the Nolan Trilogies - source

Henry Cavill (Superman) is the real bat man and supports Livingstone's fruit bat conservation! - source

Henry Cavil was inspired by Russell Crowe to go into acting when aged 16, while Crowe was filming Proof of Life at Cavil's School, Only to be reunited Unexpectedly in filming Man Of Steel over 10 years later.

Henry Cavill was nearly casted as Edward Cullen but was deemed too old (Robert Patterson's second time beating him for a role as well), and then he was nearly casted as James Bond, but was deemed too young. - source

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Henry Cavill Ignored Zack Snyder’s Superman Phone Call to Play World of Warcraft

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Henry Cavill is a Kansas City Chiefs fans only because he played Superman who is "from" Kansas.

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