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Singer-songwriter Jim Croce financed his first album in 1966 with a $500 wedding gift from his parents, who hoped that he would give up music after the album failed. He died in a plane crash in 1973, 5 albums and 11 singles later.

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Jim Croce's first album was financed by a $500.00 wedding gift from his parents. The money came with one condition; Jim must use it to make an album. His parents rationale? Jim would surely fail and thereby abandon his dreams of becoming a professional musician to get a "real job".

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  1. The song Operator by Jim Croce was inspired during Jim Croce's military service, where he saw lines of soldiers waiting to use the outdoor phone on base, many of them calling their wives or girlfriends to see if their Dear John letter was true

  2. A letter written by Jim Croce that reached his wife a week after he died where he talked about giving up his singing career to write short stories and movie scripts. The last words of his letter were: "Remember, it's the first sixty years that count and I've got 30 to go. I Love you, Jim."

  3. Singer/songwriter Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash when his pilot failed to gain altitude and clipped a pecan tree. It was the only tree for hundreds of yards.

  4. Eight people reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 posthumously, including Jim Croce and Otis Redding, who both died in plane crashes.

  5. Years after Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash, his son A.J. was blinded as a result of physical abuse from his mother's new boyfriend

  6. Jim Croce (folk singer) died in a plane crash (1973) the day before the release of one of his greatest hits "I got a name" on his last tour.

  7. Jim Croce wrote "Time in a Bottle" for his unborn son, then died in a plane crash with his wife at age 30. Song became a hit in US and Canada, and lives on today :(

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