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After closely investigating Michael Jackson for more than a decade, the FBI found nothing to suggest that Jackson was guilty of child abuse.

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Sacha Baron Cohen most likely uncovered a pedophile ring in Las Vegas, but the FBI declined to investigate

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  1. About the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI, a small group that broke into an FBI field office and stole documents that revealed the FBI’s spying on and infiltration of left-wing organizations across the US.

  2. In 2006 a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches. When passengers alerted crew they could smell burning the flight made an emergency landing and the FBI were called in to conduct an investigation

  3. In 2006, a woman farted on an American Airlines plane and attempted to cover up her farts by burning matches. When the passengers reported the smell of burning matches to the crew, the flight made an emergency landing in Nashville, and the FBI was called in to conduct an investigation.

  4. Helen Keller was a radical socialist who ended up being investigated by the FBI most of her adult life.

  5. Under Director J. Edgar Hoover, FBI agents were directed to seize all pornographic materials uncovered in their investigations and forward them to Hoover personally. He reportedly used them for his own titillation and as blackmail.

  6. The FBI ran a 2-year investigation on a fictional anti-goth cult, Church of the Hammer, before realizing it was a parody

  7. Charlie Chaplin was the subject of an FBI investigation due to alleged communist sympathies during the height of McCarthyism. He later said "As for politics, I am an anarchist. I hate government and rules - and fetters ... People must be free."

  8. A convicted felon named Daniel Rigmaiden used his jail time to investigate the FBI's surveillance system used in his arrest and uncovered the secret Stingray device. He then successfully used this evidence to free himself.

  9. The song 'Louie Louie' was investigated by the FBI for 31 months on suspicion that the lyrics were secretly obscene, but no lyrics were ever printed and it was dropped when they were deemed unintelligible. The drummer later admitted to yelling 'Fuck!' at 0:54 after dropping his drumsticks.

  10. Because the crew of Dr Strangelove was denied access to a B-52 bomber, they made a replica of the cockpit by comparing those of a B-29 with a single photo of the B-52's cockpit. It turned out to be so accurate that Kubrick began to worry about a FBI investigation into how they got it so close.

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An FBI informant investigating corruption in LA jail was transferred to different jails, kept in isolation, held under various aliases, and watched around the clock to prevent FBI handlers from finding him. The corruption included brutality and staging "gladiator style fights" between inmates.

The FBI and EPA suspected a nuclear weapons facility was illegally leaking radioactive materials but were unable to investigate due to substantial security, they asked for a meeting with top officials regarding a "terrorist threat". Once inside they immediately served a search warrant. - source

In 2013, the government of Iceland asked several FBI agents to leave after they lied to the local government and told them they were investigating terrorist hackers. It turned out they were investigating wikileaks. - source

In 2010 the Walt Disney Company nearly sold the ABC network, the sale was cancelled because of an FBI investigation into insider trading

Author John Steinbeck was investigated by the FBI for being acquaintances with leftists and attempting to write a novel exposing the conditions in Japanese concentration camps in 1943. - source

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The FBI spent years investigating an anti-goth club that didn’t even exist. After a worried goth contacted the FBI, the Bureau launched an official investigation which lasted over 2 years before they realised the whole thing was a joke.

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Charlie Chaplain was slandered, investigated, and banned from the USA in 1952 by the FBI for openly criticising War and Xenophobia. It would be 20 years before he was allowed to return.

An illegally corked bat was confiscated during the 1st inning of a 1994 Indians vs White Sox game and stored in the umpire's room for later examination. A teammate crawled 30 feet through the stadium ductwork and swapped out the bat, and an investigation led by a former FBI agent ensued.

The bomber cockpit in Dr. Strangelove was based on a B-29 cockpit because the real B-52 bombers were off limit to the film crew. It turned out to be so accurate that Stanley Kubrick feared that his research team had done their job illegally and that they're about to be investigated by the FBI.

In 1964, the FBI spent 4 months investigating the song "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen after receiving complaints about obscene lyrics. The investigation ended without persecution. Ironically, the word "Fuck" appears in the song, shouted by the drummer after he accidentally dropped his drumstick.

In 1987 someone wearing a Max Headroom mask interrupted 2 TV broadcasts in Chicago. The FBI investigation was never solved.

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In the 70's, people traveled for free through DHL, who had started by shipping documents from California to Hawaii through travelers. This caught the interest of FBI, who send two agents to investigate the legitimacy of the business. Both agents signed up within a matter of hours.

Punk band Suicidal Tendencies were investigated by the FBI for their song "I shot the devil" as it openly talks about shooting Ronald Reagan

President Jimmy Carter's debate prep notes were obtained by the Reagan campaign leading up to the 1980 presidential debate and was later investigated by the FBI and Congress.

A tape created by the Tool Box Killers, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, detailing the torture of their final victim, Shirley Lynette Ledford, is used to desensitise FBI agents to violence. The chief investigator of the case later committed suicide and cited the murderers as his main reason.

The first black FBI agents were recruited in 1919 to investigate Marcus Garvey's organization in order to find some grounds for deporting Garvey, who was a citizen of Jamaica, from the U.S.

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The FBI investigated the possible escape of Adolf Hitler at the end of the war, where it was purported that he had actually not committed suicide. In the the 700 page report are thousands of statements, naming people and places involved in Hitler's alleged journey from Germany to Argentina

The FBI investigated Bigfoot and publically released all of their records

The lyrics in the song “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen were so difficult to understand that the FBI was asked to investigate for obscenities. No lyrics were ever officially published, and after two years of investigation, the FBI concluded that they were unintelligible.

In 1991, actor Charlie Sheen contacted the FBI after watching a Japanese Horror Film , convinced that the movie depicted footage of an actual murder. After an investigation, the filmmakers were forced to prove that the gore shown in the movie had all been created using special effects

In the 80s, a Japanese director released gore films that were so realistic, they were reported to and investigated by the FBI and had to be proven that no one was actually murdered.

There is a 100 year old group of fraternity members at the University of Alabama called "The Machine" (with alumni rumored to include US senators) that has rigged local government elections, been investigated by the FBI for tapping phones, and forced a local business to shut down

Target has forensic labs for investigating crime in their stores; its services have been used against external crime by the FBI and the Secret Service

In the 1920s there was a wide ranging conspiracy to murder Osage Indians over their wealth. The murders involved friends, doctors, judges, and even some husbands of the Osage. Unable to stop the murders with local/state action, the case become one of the first major investigations at the FBI.

The song 'Louie Louie' was the subject of a 31 month investigation by the FBI for possibly having sexually obscene lyrics. They weren't able to interpret the song and ironically the drummer yelled Fuck at the 54 second mark of the track.

The CIA and the FBI investigate possible terrorist plots against the United States, When they suspect a major attack pending they refer to it as a "wedding".

Stanley Kubrick was worried about FBI investigation when it was shown the prop cockpit of the B-52 bomber used in the film Dr. Strangelove was almost exactly like the real thing...The B-52 was classified and state-of-the art at the time the films release.

Many of her friends and associates in college were committed Marxists and communists who were investigated by the FBI.

The FBI spent two and a half years investigating the song Louie Louie for the rumor that the song contained indecent lyrics. During that time, they never spoke to the man who sang the lyrics in the first place.

The FBI investigated the music video for Nine Inch Nail's 'Down In It' as a possible snuff film for a year before identifying the 'victim' as Trent Reznor.

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