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At 24 years old, Isaac Newton was sent home from school to avoid the bubonic plague. During this time, he invented calculus.

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One day Isaac Newton was asked by his colleagues why planets' orbits are elliptical. He couldn't answer so he went home and started thinking about it. A while later he invented differential and integral calculus, which he then used to answer the question.

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  1. When Isaac Newton was asked why the planet's orbits are elliptical he wasn't sure, but went home to think about it. He then "invented" differential and integral calculus to explain why. He then turned 26...

  2. Isaac Newton invented calculus as fast as a college freshman class learns it

  3. The dispute over whether Newton or Leibniz invented calculus was decided by the Royal Society. Newton, as the President, appointed an impartial committee to decide the issue, which concluded in its official report that Newton was the inventor. Newton was the anonymous author of the report.

  4. They used to call it "the calculus" (as in, I've studied the calculus, Newton invented the calculus, etc) because "calculus" used to be a generic name for any abstract theory until "the calculus" overshadowed all the other calculuses.

  5. Leibniz didn't 'steal' calculus from Newton, he discovered it independently and invented a better format for it that we still use today

  6. Even though Calculus is widely believed to have been invented by European scientists during the 14th century, its mathematical principles were actually used by Babylonian astronomers over 2000 years ago.

  7. Archimedes of Syracuse discovered the volume and surface area of a sphere 1800 years before calculus was invented by Newton. He also estimated the value of pi to be 3.14185- that's over 99.9% accurate.

  8. A Japanese mathematician independently invented much of calculus

  9. During the 18 months of the Great Plague (1665-1666), Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus, set foundations for his theory of light and color, gained significant insight into the laws of planetary motion, and legend has it, experienced his famous inspiration of gravity with the falling apple.

  10. Harvard University was founded before calculus was invented.

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Isaac Newton and W.G. Leibniz agreed that they both invented calculus, but pretended to fight over it to disseminate it.

The calculus invented by Isaac Newton was most likely influenced by mathematical work from Kerala which travelled to England via the trade corridor between South India and Europe. - source

If you understand algebra and geometry, you already know more than Newton did when he invented calculus - source

Isaac Newton invented calculus while trying to explain why the moon orbited the earth in a "free fall" due to gravity. He invented it as fast as you would learn it in a college calc class.

Sir Isaac Newton invented the modern version of calculus just so he could furthur his own research in physics. - source

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Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invented calculus at the same time as Isaac Newton

Newton's secretiveness had led to many quarrels over credit. When mathematician Gottfried Leibniz published his work on calculus, Newton countered that he had invented similar methods many years previously but didn't publish, thus sparking one of the largest controversy in mathematics.

Indians invented calculus hundreds of years prior to Westerners

The Babylonians used calculus methods thought to have been invented by Newton

Calculus was invented because Edmond Halley told Isaac Newton about a bet between himself, Robert Hook and Christopher Wren about how the planets moved. Newton then spent two and a half years proving who was right.

A major intellectual dispute arose over who first invented calculus, leading to several nations warring with each other and British mathematicians being ostracised for the next century.

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Even though Calculus is generally regarded as having been invented by European scholar during the Middle Ages, the mathematical techniques of Calculus were already being used by Babylonian astronomers over 2000 years ago.

Ancient tablets unearthed in Iraq in the 1800s have revealed that principles of Calculus were used by Babylonian astronomers to calculate the position of Jupiter 1400 years before Calculus was thought to have been invented by European mathematicians

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