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The best way to cure intractable hiccups is with a rectal massage

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In 1999 a man with Intractable hiccups was cured after having sex with his wife

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  1. Thorazine, a drug ordinarily associated with treating schizophrenia, can cure intractable hiccups.

  2. 'digital rectal massage' (using ones fingers to massage the anus) is a tested and successful cure for intractable hiccups.

  3. Risperidone (an anti-psychotic medication) is sometimes used to treat intractable hiccups

  4. After conventional treatment methods failed, a 60-year old man had his intractable hiccups cured by receiving a digital rectal massage

  5. There are hiccups which persist for more than one month despite various treatments at which point they're deemed intractable.

  6. An effective cure for intractable hiccups is a "persistant digital rectal massage".

  7. Digital rectal massage may cure intractable hiccups.

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